How to Get Your Baby to Sleep So You Can Too

April 20th, 2009by admin

How to Get Baby to Sleep

Sometimes it seems impossible to figure out how to get a Baby to sleep so that you can too.  Ahh, the perils of parenthood.  Your little one has a mind and schedule all his (or her!) own, which is probably much different than yours.  But don’t worry.  Billions of parents all over the world have had the same problem with their babies before too, so you can drink of their wisdom to finally get some rest yourself.

Here are some quick tips…

First, realize that getting your Baby to sleep at night doesn’t usually happen overnight. It takes consistent repetition of the same pattern of cues and a safe, soothing environment for your baby to feel comfortable enough to drift off into slumber naturally.  There is simply no health way to force your baby to sleep.  Be very wary of any methods that claim to induce your infant into sleeping, since they may either be unsafe or-at best-they won’t work over the long-term.

Second, be open to testing, testing and testing some more. The more finely attuned you become to your baby’s “sleep personality,” the more you’ll have an intuition for what will work to cuddle Baby to sleep under various circumstances.  And that’s key, because your little tike’s sleep patterns will vary according to all sorts of factors, ranging from food intake and stimulation during the day to the more esoteric seasonal variations in daylight and temperature.

Third, establish a strategy between you and your partner (if you have one).  Waking up at night to tend your baby can be incredibly tiring, so do your best to share the burden.  Make an agreement with your partner upfront so sometimes you get to keep sleeping even when Baby is crying, knowing that your partner is on the case to work things out.

Speaking of which, it’s crucial to have your baby get used to being held and nurtured back to sleep by both partners.  If the baby requires only Mommy to make things right, then it will put undue stress on her and wear her out much faster.

Of course, the best case is when Baby wakes up and goes back to sleep without either of you ever getting involved.  Consider leaving on some very gentle lullabies on loop or other music your baby likes, so that he or she will hear it after waking up and naturally ease back into a rest state from restlessness.

If you do all of the above, you will be well on your way to having your baby consistently sleep through the night.  You will also be much more savvy about what to adjust if it stops working for any reason, including your baby simply growing older.  And that kind of flexible approach is how to get a Baby to sleep so you can too!

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