How to Choose Your Baby’s First Toys

December 18th, 2013by admin

bath toysThe joy of birth can bring a lot of excitement into the family. It is a time to celebrate all the firsts in your baby’s life. While your infant discovers the purpose of various senses, you enjoy the perks of parenthood witnessing the miracle of growth with the first burp to the first walk. All decisions pertaining to your child are of keen importance including the clothes, bedding, bottles, soap, lotion, and toys.

An infant, during the first few months discovers what the fingers, toes, hands, feet, eyes, nose, and others tiny parts of her body are capable of doing. Toys are tools that help your baby through this journey of discovery, and like all your baby’s firsts, choosing the best first toys is of prime importance.

Look for lightweight, colorful, musical toys while shopping for your infant. Soft toys are easy to hold and react according to the pressure applied by your infant. She would probably learn about her own strength when she closes her tiny fist over a plush monkey tail and feel it depress. The best toys are those that respond to your baby’s actions. These include rattles or plastic keys. Have you seen infants going crazy over the sound of rattles? They realize that it’s their actions that are causing the sounds.


Squeeze toys and baby gyms are also wonderful first toy choices as they help your baby master dexterity and strengthen the muscles of the palm. The toys that emit sound when squeezed are few of the best first toys for an infant as it helps hone motor skills, cognitive skills, and also allows the baby to discover and recognize various properties of sounds.

baby laugh

Every crib needs a mobile. This is just to help infants develop their sight as they focus on the various objects on the mobile. Musical mobiles are soothing for infants and help them drift off into a deep sleep. You can make your own mobiles with assorted objects, or buy one that is in line with the theme of the baby’s room. The baby tries to reach and grab the items on the mobile and interacts with the hanging toys trying to learn more and quench her curiosity.

baby readInfants love mirrors! This is again as they are in a process of discovery. They would slowly recognize faces, anatomy, and themselves. So be sure to buy a couple of unbreakable mirrors so your infant can learn that everyone looks like her with two eyes, a nose, a mouth, and… you get the drift.

Books are a definite yes! Your baby is never too little to read. Picture books, preferable made out of cloth can play an immense role in child development. Infants do have the ability to absorb information. You must have seen how the kid from Baby’s Day Out related to the real world with his picture book. Allow your infant to grow and learn as much as he can, and give him the perfect tools to do so.

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