How to Choose the Right Preschool

December 29th, 2009by admin

There are hundreds of preschool choices out there. Parents can easily feel completely overwhelmed when it comes time to choose a preschool for their youngsters.

The very first thing that parents can do in the process of choosing a preschool for their child is to talk to their friends, neighbors, and relatives about the preschool choices in the area. You can find out about the experience that other children have had in the various preschools.

The second thing that parents can do when they are trying to choose a preschool for their child is to get a list of all of the available preschools in their area. This list is readily available online. The National Association for Early Childhood Education, or NAEYC, compiles the list, and it is updated regularly. The NAEYC is a nonprofit organization.

With the recommendations of friends and family and a list of credited preschools in hand, parents should visit the preschools that they are considering. Ask the administrators of the schools in which you’re interested to spell out their individual philosophies and teaching methods for you. There are many different approaches to early childhood learning, and you need to be comfortable with the method that will be used for your child.

Almost all preschools welcome the parents of their perspective students to come for a visit during regular hours. If you are not welcome to visit when you want to visit, that’s a big red flag.

When visiting preschools, you’ll need to be an effective observer. Sit quietly and do not try to talk to the teacher or the students, but do take note of how the teacher related to the students — and how the students relate to and react to the teacher.

All preschools aren’t the same. You’ll need to find the preschool that is the best “fit” for your child.

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