How to Buy Toddler Shoes

January 18th, 2010by admin

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With so many styles to choose from, knowing how to buy toddler shoes can be a real challenge. The problem that many parents encounter is choosing between function versus style, practicality versus fun. After all, who wouldn’t want their little one to be most stylish toddler on the block? But sometimes fun styles can actually hurt your child’s feet and be more of a hindrance than a help as he takes his baby steps.

So what should you look for when buying your child a new pair of shoes? Here are some tips you might want to keep in mind:

– If you’re planning to bring your child to the store to try out several pairs of shoes, make sure that he is in a good mood. It’s probably a good idea to schedule this particular adventure just after a meal and a nap, and to make it the first thing you do when you hit the mall.

– Take advantage of the expertise of the salespeople in the shoe store. They can help you narrow down the best kinds of footwear that suits your child’s feet.

– The first step in knowing how to buy toddler shoes is to get your child’s feet measured. Be sure to take note of the length and width. You can have this done regularly at stores that specialize in shoes for kids.

– Kids grow at a rapid rate at this stage in their lives. That means that they can quickly outgrow their clothes and shoes, so keep track of your child’s sizes on a monthly basis.

– Have your toddler try on each pair of shoes, and allow him to walk around the store to get a feel for them. Typically, a space of about half an inch from the toes ensures proper fit and easy movement.

– Inspect your child’s feet regularly for signs of improperly fitted shoes, such as blisters on the feet, chafing, and crowded toes. Not only are these uncomfortable for your child, but wearing improperly fitted shoes can also be a cause of foot problems later on.

– Opt for velcro fasteners for easy wear and removal. As much as you want your little one to learn to tie shoelaces, sometimes your sanity is more important. It’s one more thing to do without your toddler throwing a tantrum every morning, so weigh it carefully whether you want to risk it.

Overall, keep it simple. Think of Cinderella and her glass slippers—the fit had to be just right. Don’t try to save money by buying shoes that are too big at the risk of making your toddler trip on them. Nor should you try to force his feet into an old pair he has already outgrown in order to save a few dollars. So learning how to buy toddler shoes is actually a very simple matter: you must always put comfort over style, or pay the price later.

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