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Want the Best Tips on How to Burp a Baby?

October 3rd, 2009by admin

How to burp a baby

Have you wondered how to burp a baby? Do you know how important it is for your baby to burp at regular intervals while you are feeding him?

This is frequently a concern among parents who are new to the experience of baby feeding. At the outset, it is important to know why burping is so important for any human being. We tend to take in air while eating which can cause gas inside the body. The only difference between adults and babies lies in the fact that the former are capable of releasing that air on their own while the latter need help from their parents for the same. Read on to find out how you can help your baby to burp.

There are a few set ways in which you can start off with the process. It’s good to remember always that babies are highly sensitive and they need utmost care. Therefore, be careful that you don’t overdo things when you are trying out these methods of how to burp a baby.

  • Patting gently on the baby’s back generally helps. But keep in mind that the patting doesn’t become hitting. This could yield opposite results. Patting on the back may also result in a wet burp or a mild puke. To avoid that it is prudent to tie a bib or a towel around the neck of the baby.
  • Alternatively, holding your baby against your chest while you are sitting upright may help. In such a position the chin of your baby should be on your shoulders. Once you have done that, gently pat on the back.
  • You could also lay your baby on his/her belly on your lap. You need to ensure that the head is placed higher than the chest in this position. Once your baby is comfortable, pat him/her on the back.
  • Another way is to hold your baby while he/she sitting up across your knee or in your lap. Provide adequate support to the baby by putting your hand on his/her chin and rocking him/her gently. At all points make sure that you are not hurting him/her. Patting on the back is common to all the ways of how to burp a baby, so take care that it’s not too hard!

Before you try out any of these, make sure you know exactly how to burp a baby. Always keep in mind that one wrong step can cause a sea of trouble to the little one and you would never want your baby to suffer because of your mistake!

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2 Responsesto “Want the Best Tips on How to Burp a Baby?”

  1. Baby name meaning and origin for Wp - baby girl name Wpon October 16, 20099:20 pm

    […] Want the Best Tips on How to Burp a Baby? at […]

  2. Post Pregnancyon April 11, 20103:29 pm

    Just wanted to make some observations of what seemed to work for me with my four – two of whom were quite colicky.
    After the first ounce stop and burp the baby. Somehow this did seem to help prevent a build up of wind later on. It may take a while to get a burp at this stage, but we found it worthwhile to wait. After that every two to three ounces, depending on age. We also found that just holding the baby bolt upright with a hand under the chin was very effective in producing a good burp. Also be patient – a burp can be a while coming but there uis ALWAYS on there after the end of the feed.
    Hope this helps someone.
    .-= Post Pregnancy´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

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