Learn How to Bathe a Baby

April 22nd, 2011by admin

How to Bathe a BabyWhile some parents love to bring their baby into the bath with them, here are some alternatives for those young parents who want to learn how to bathe a baby the traditional way.

If you do want to enjoy the bonding and special time of bathing with your baby, here’s how: All you need to do is cradle your precious one on your lap and give him or her a nice bath. You will have plenty of time and moments to touch and really connect, and all kids love those fun moments. Make sure he has plenty of rubber ducks around and you should be good to go. The child will be much relaxed thanks to the warm water, so you should be able to use his baby shampoo and wash him clean in no time.

Now let’s learn how to bathe a baby in his own small bath tub. You need to be relaxed and confident; the baby is going to enjoy every moment of his bath as long as you are not feeling stressed and uneasy. Don’t be afraid of something happening to him or her; on the contrary, he will feel much more relaxed and his sleep will significantly improve after a warm bath. So if you are not sure how to bathe a baby, follow these easy steps.

Start by preparing the bath; this is probably the most important step on the how to bathe a baby process. You need to gather all the towels, baby soaps and shampoos for sensitive skin, wash cloth and lotions and powders you will be using. You don’t want to forget anything and be forced to run to the next room and leave your child unattended in the middle of his bath, so make sure you gather all the right stuff. Place all of these items in reachable places.

Next, the “how to bathe a baby” list consists of preparing the bath water. Depending on the type of tub you might be using, you need to make sure the water in it is shallow and about 100 degrees F. Test its temperature using a special thermometer or your own elbow.

Undressing your baby might be a bit difficult at first, for some babies, so it’s recommended you use a sponge bath at first. Then, when your baby is ready for real baths, here are the main tips on how to bathe a baby in his own tub. Place the baby in the tub and make sure you hold his hand so he can feel safe and comfortable. Start washing your baby gently using the washcloth and begin this process with his face, neck, tummy, back, legs and leave the diaper area last.

The last items on the “how to wash a baby” list are the wrapping in a towel process. Carefully dry off the baby and use lotions or powder for sensitive skin if you have to. Now you’re all done and ready to put a diaper on your baby, an outfit and put him to sleep.

Congratulations, you just learned how to bathe a baby!

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