Help Spread the Word About Kids Dying When Left in Cars!

September 15th, 2014by admin

parking lotYou may have heard the occassional news story about the tragedy of a child dying from heatstroke after being forgotten (or purposely left) in a car.


What may still be news to you is that in some cases, even parents who are normally loving and responsible, and would never dream of forgettig their child in a vehicle, still do so.


Yes, as is the case with most things in life, under the “right” conditions, humans are capable of many things they wouldn’t normally be.


And that is the critical take-away from these awful instances of child deaths: that even a “normal” parent or caretaker, if under extreme duress (such as high stress, illness or other condition in which they’re not thinking clearly) are capable

of forgetting their child is in the backseat, and leaving them.


Did you know:

– Leaving a child in a vehicle for even a short time can be deadly. In only 10 minutes, a car can increase in temperature 20 degrees. If the car is hot to start with, it will take only minutes to heat up by a few degrees, sufficient enough to lead to heatstroke.

– On average, 38 kids have died yearly, of heatstroke in vehicles, since 1998.

– So far, (as of 9/2014), 632 children have passed-away due to heatsroke in cars.

– More than 70% of the children dying from heatstrke in cars are under 2 years of age.

– All this could have been, and can be, prevented with some simple prevention measures!


Please see the following infographic to learn more stunning facts about children and heatstroke in cars, and how to never have it happen to you or your family! And PLEASE share it with others!



Please note the link below the infographic. (American Children’s Cancer Association) accepts car donations in order to fund their mission to prevent illness in children (especially cancer), and to educate parents who have kids with cancer on the safest, most effective treatments. Please consider donating a vehicle to them (or asking someone you know to).



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