Hatley Pajamas For Kids: Stylish, Functional & Environmentally Safe

September 12th, 2013by admin

Kids in PajamasWhere do you go to find your child some nice cozy nightclothes or pajamas? Do you go to the local department store or online store? Most parents do not realize the importance of pajamas for their children. Pajamas are necessary because as humans, we spend nearly half our lifetime in bed. So it’s important to choose good quality, long lasting pyjamas for your child. One of the best pajamas manufacturers is the Hatley Company. Hatley pajamas for kids are the best nightclothes on the market for kids today. Going with the Hatley brand will be one of the best decisions you could make for your child when it comes to sleep wear.


Hatley has some of the most unique and vibrant prints. Children love wearing them. They use bold colors. Their clothing is always a perfect fit. They fit snuggly but comfortably on your child’s body. They carry both one and two pieces sets. Sizes range from infants and up.


There are many fabrics that manufacturers use to make pajamas. Hatley only use the best cotton blend fabric to create their pajamas. They also treat the cotton with fire retardant before it even ships. It was brought to the public’s attention a little while ago infants and kids were being injured or killed because certain fabric catches fire easily. Hatley took note. They go as far as to use non-toxic, azo free dyes, non-chlorinated bleach. They use organic cotton. No PVC. Even the bags they use are biodegradable.


Hatley is a very child friendly manufacturer so they already know what to do to make clothing fully functional for kids and parents. Most of the two-piece pajamas are pullovers. Their one piece is made to keep your child comfortable and snug.

Hatley produces only the best and highest quality pajamas. Hatley pajamas have style, functionality and the best fabrics for kids. They are a Canadian family who has been in business for over 20 years. They have with strong ties in their community and are environmentally friendly.

When you purchase their brand you aren’t just getting a fun colorful print that kids love. You are getting pajamas that are durable, and long lasting. There has been talk of Hatley being pricey. Ask yourself this question; How can you put a price on your kids comfort, and security? These are not pajamas you will have for a few months; these will be with you and your kids for years. Keep in mind that Hatley also makes some of the best rain gear for kids. They also make pajamas for adults. If you want know why kids love them so much, by yourself a set. You will probably never use another brand again.

The Hatley Company is all about family. Once you purchase from them, you become a small part of their family. It is this quality that has kept them going successfully over the last 20 plus years.


 Photo: flickr.com/photos/familygrimm/3142480174/

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