Choices in Halloween Activities for Kids

October 24th, 2009by admin

Halloween activities for kids

As the summer comes to an end, the leaves start changing color and falling off for Fall, and your little ones are trudging back to school, it’s time for you to start conjuring up some ideas for Halloween activities for kids. But fret not. Most kids will dive into almost anything you give them–as long as it’s fun.

Yet the need to take safety into consideration means that some caution is needed. For example, it’s unwise to send kids out alone these days, making trick-or-treating more difficult.

But even the kids of working parents are likely to have an aunt or grandparent who is willing to help them have fun. Going from door to door in your neighborhood for trick-or-treating can be done safely when the kids are not alone. And if you are really concerned, then you can arrange in advance which houses you will go to with the home owners in your area.

On the flip side, Halloween parties at home are also great way to celebrate this “spooktacular” time. Calling friends over to play games and eat party food always goes down well with the younger children, even though some of the games–such as apple bobbing–may be messy and wet. Messy is half the fun!

But if your children have outgrown the typical party, then you might want to suggest that they either attend a fancy dress party through their school or in the neighborhood, or let them have one at home. Leave out the games, but still have music and food. You can’t go wrong with those at any age.

After all, growing up doesn’t mean that your kids no longer want to have fun. They just want to do it differently. So why not have your older kids help you “spookify” the house? You may have a CD of hauntingly ghoulish screaming or other sounds you want to play automatically when someone rings the doorbell. Or have it trigger something else that will make visitors jump out of their skins. Either way, it’ll be a great learning project in the name of Halloween fun.

Speaking of which, crafts are a made-in-heaven match this time of year, starting with the customary pumpkin carving to set the mood. You can even go further. If your children are old enough, why not have a carving contest, to see who can come up with the most unusual design?

Or perhaps your children could have a go at making their own Halloween costumes this year instead of buying something ready made from the store. Though they’ll almost certainly require your supervision and support, with enough glue and a little imagination you might be surprised at just how scary, wacky or celebrity-wannabe-funny your kids can come up with (not to mention how much mess!).

Whatever you decide, there is never a need to miss out on the festive fun at this time of year when there is such a huge choice available for Halloween activities for kids.

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