Growing up in an age where technology rules

November 5th, 2014by admin

baby with smartphoneJust when I think I have parenting down, I find out how much I still don’t know anything. I have 7 children ranging from 22 years down to 7 months old. There is literally a different generational gap between the older ones and the younger ones that I am already experiencing.

As much as I try to shield my kids from the effects of too much electromagnetic radiation, they are growing up in an age where technology rules. They have an intrinsic interest and knowing of electronics that almost seems to be hard wired into them. My older kids refer to people they have never met as “friends” and they would much rather text than talk on the phone. Even employers will send texts about job applications.

Most communication in teens and early 20 year olds happens to be in the form of pixels. This caused a lot of growing pains for me as I tried to maintain the interpersonal relationship with the kids that I grew up with. We had a lot of power struggles before I gave into the times we are in. I now will even text them from another room because I know I will get a much faster and happier response.

My younger ones will zone in on any electronic device within their range and work a phone like it was part of them. They are not as socially reclusive as my older ones were. In fact, they have no qualms about being social, even to the point of ignoring the sacred personal space bubble that each person has; which is turning out to be a whole other learning curve for me!

Whatever comes I now know to breathe (a lot) and have superhuman patience knowing they will turn out just fine.


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