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Getting Baby into a Sleeping Routine

January 7th, 2015by admin

baby sleepingIt’s a common problem with babies. In fact, it’s a common problem up until the age of seven, in many cases! From screeching at the top of their voices, to throwing items of furniture down the stairs, the nippers always have their own individual spins on their temper tantrums at bed time. Many parents struggle to deal with this, and often realise that it’s a problem when it’s too late. A healthy bed-time routine is key from an early age. TV programmes like Supernanny have demonstrated how this can be tackled, but it’s not so straightforward when we’re on our own!

Some people think the best way is to be as quiet as a mouse whenever nearby. However, research has proven that a more effective approach is to allow a baby to enjoy bedtime. One way of doing this is by thinking carefully about what your baby is sleeping in. Most loose-fitting blankets can prove ineffective, allowing babies to tirelessly thrash around. Many sleep-easy solutions now include fitted garments, including babygrows, or the more popular baby sleeping bags. Granted, this doesn’t stop babies and new-borns resisting sleep at first, but they quickly learn the luxury of the compacted slumber.

Some parents use more practical methods of getting babies and young ones into healthy sleeping habits. Methods involving star charts and rewards are more feasible for the older child, but this wouldn’t necessarily work for the nippers. The traditional parent may think that the best way of easing a child into a routine is by wrapping them in cotton wool and rocking them and shushing them at every opportunity. But at the end of the night, all they need is a comforting cradle of love. Simplicity is bliss, and where the modern methods are concerned, start them with luxury via something as simple as a baby sleeping bag!



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