Getting along with Siblings

May 15th, 2010by admin

If you have more than one child, chances are they fight with one another.  Sibling rivalry is a part of growing up and being in a family.  I have a great way of dealing with this, and it could be termed as Passive Parenting.
This is how Passive Parenting works.  First, set some ground rules for tattletaling.  For our kids, you can come tell a parent if someone is hurting you, if they are hurt themselves, or if someone is being destructive, like coloring on the walls.  If they tattletale for something else, they get into trouble themselves.

Now, when your child comes and complains about something a sibling is doing, listen to them, and then say something like, “I’ll bet you hate that.”  “That isn’t very fun.”  “That really bites.”  Make it a statement that you can use for any situation.  Don’t offer suggestions to fix it, just offer your statement.  If they repeat the problem, repeat your answer.  It will likely frustrate them at first, but they will learn to solve their own problems.

This doesn’t work for every situation, but it works for many of them.  For other problems, have your children set some rules that will help them deal with other problems that come up.  For my kids, they like the privacy of their bedrooms, and hate when brothers or sisters get into their things.  So, my kids have set a rule that you have to ask permission to go into a sibling’s bedroom.

Sibling rivalry is something that never goes away, but if you teach your children to handle their own battles, you are creating a more confident child and one that will get along better with others.

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