7 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

May 31st, 2011by admin

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How to get kids to eat vegetablesVegetables and fruits are some of the most important components of a meal, starting from childhood and going all the way up to adulthood. The important amounts of vitamins, minerals and protein they feature are no secret for adults, and their effects they have on health are never to be ignored. But children do not know that, so they need to be taught, repeated, pushed and encouraged to eat their vegetables every day. There are many ways to achieve this, just browse through this article and pick up a few hints on how to transform your child from a veggie-hater to a “veggie-nator”.

So how do you get your kids to eat vegetables? Here are 7 sneaky and not-so-sneaky ways!

1: Add dip to raw vegetables. Allow your child to add a little dressing to their veggies; they are definitely going to change the way they feel about those colorful pieces of beans or cauliflower they always hated. Just make sure you pick a dressing that doesn’t contain a lot of chemicals and additives in it – opt for the organic versions of these dressings.

2: Encourage them to eat their veggies raw. Getting your kids to eat their vegetables can prove to be a lot simpler than you thought. Just leave pieces of freshly cut veggies on the kitchen counter and be amazed to see their reaction. They are definitely going to enjoy eating their green, white or yellow and red veggies – just like candy.

3: Add veggies to your soup. If a child has a favorite soup he loves eating, he’s never going to know the difference in taste once you chop some really small pieces of vegetables he doesn’t particularly enjoy. All the veggies will melt soon enough into the soup and your kid won’t even suspect he just had his least favorite veggie.

4: Encourage them to plant their own vegetables. Owning a garden can mean the end of your long battle. Just teach your child how to plant vegetables and he or she is most certainly going to be eating their own crop in no time. As long as all the veggies are the organic-type, you can rest assured your kid won’t be able to resist eating their carrots or tomatoes right from the ground.

5: Roast their least favorite vegetables. This can make a huge difference in term of taste. If your child has one or several veggies he’s not exactly fond of, make sure you roast them before serving them – he’s going to love their special crispy taste.

6: Add cheese or butter to them. There is no problem in adding a bit of butter or cheese to your child’s veggies. They both contain calcium, which is also good for their bone structure. So bring a smile to your child’s face and let him serve his veggies with some cheese topping – he’s going to really enjoy them.

7: Have them chop their own veggies. Another great solution to this burning matter is to encourage your child to chop the veggies on their own, or at least wash them and prepare them to be chopped. They’re going to love to feel important and their veggies are definitely going to look a lot tastier knowing they are the ones who chopped or prepared them.


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