Fun Easter Games for Kids

March 15th, 2013by admin

Easter games for kidsEaster is always a great time to reflect on the quality of life. Everyone is so busy and the quality of family time has diminished over the last decade. Re-kindle family time this Easter with series of games for your kids. We all know they are full of energy and they need to release stress just like adults.

Easter Bingo! The beauty of bingo is you can create any theme you’d like. Bingo would be bliss this Easter with jelly beans, and a chocolate bunny as the bingo prize. Hold this game to the end because we all are well aware that the kids will be snatching up the candy throughout the game. Keep the sugar rush for the end of the Easter party or activity.

Take egg coloring and decorating to a whole new level. Kids want to explore their boundaries and think creatively. An egg decorating contest would be a great way to champion creative thinking for kids. You could break it up into boys versus girls or winner takes all. If you have a box of craft extras flop it out on the picnic table and let the kids go to work. Participating with the kids will also show your affection for them. Kids know when you are just trying to entertain them and when you are sincere. So push them to the limit and challenge them with an egg decorating contest.

Spring is a great time and Easter adds to the excitement of the changing season. Relay races are a great release for the kids too since they are bundled up with all that winter energy. Keep it themed. Break the kids up into groups and have them start the relay race. They can start by hopping like a bunny for one series, skipping during the next, and cart-wheeling for the last relay!

If you have an open area that is safe from power lines you can provide the kids with kites. The game could be to see who can launch their kite the highest or how many twirls they can accomplish or even see who can keep their kite up in the sky for the longest amount of time. It’s a cheap time consuming game or event that can keep the kids occupied and free.

Chubby bunny is a game that can be played with marshmallows. However, this game should be supervised by an adult or two because this game increases the risk of choking. The kids sit in a circle and take 1 marshmallow at a time. They place the mallow in their mouth and say “chubby bunny” This is done one at a time. As the game progresses the kids will laugh and drool like crazy and it’s quite entertaining. Eventually they have so many marshmallows in their mouth that they laugh so hard you can resist laughing yourself. Chubby bunny is not something to take lightly be sure to be very proactive to make sure the kids don’t choke. It’s a perfect game for Easter.



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