Free Diaper Coupons and Baby Product Samples

March 18th, 2009by admin

Click Here for FREE Baby Coupons and Product Samples

Click Here for FREE Baby Coupons and Product Samples

Free Diapers and Coupons – Pampers Lead The Way

Having a new baby or young child can be a very expensive time for parents, however there are a number of ways that you can cut the costs by applying for free samples and coupons from some of the major suppliers of baby and toddler products. One such giant among these companies is Pampers.

Pampers have been one of the leading nappy sellers since disposable nappies came on the market.. With annual sales of US$ 6 billion it is recognized today as the worlds number one selling diaper brand
Click Here for FREE Baby Coupons and Product Samples
The disposable diaper was invented by Marion Donovan in 1950 and Pampers is but one brand of disposable diaper (or disposable nappy as known in the UK) marketed by Procter & Gamble worldwide Pampers the company was started by an American chemical engineer Victor Mills while he was working for Procter & Gamble Co. He thought it was a mess to use cloth diapers and it occurred to him that the pulp mill owned by Procter and Gamble might produce a clean, absorbent paper that just might work for a disposable diaper. P&G tested his yet unnamed disposable diaper in Rochester, New York in 1959 and, after discarding early names such as Tads, Solos and Larks, came up with the Pampers brand.

Click Here for FREE Baby Coupons and Product Samples

Click Here for FREE Baby Coupons and Product Samples

Pampers TimeLine

In 1966, Pampers launched a new C-fold design and by 1969 started a “third size”. In 1984 Pampers changed their diapers to an hourglass shape; a feature that was first introduced on Luvs in 1976, and had evolved into an industry standard. In 1987 Pampers and Huggies both introduced new frontal tape systems which allow multiple repositioning of the lateral tape without tearing the diaper. In the 1990s Pampers introduced Ultra Dry Thins diapers that pulled moisture into the core, then sprang back to absorb even more. In 1996 Pampers Premium was introduced and was hailed as a diaper with breathable side panels. The ’90s also saw the introduction of gender specific diapers in the Pampers brand and also the return to unisex diapers towards the end of the decade. In 1993 Pampers first attempt at training pants was introduced these were simply known as Pampers Trainers and would be a short lived product.

Pampers Baby Wipes

Apart from diapers Pampers also do a range of baby wipes such as Pampers Sensitive Wipes with moisture seal packaging, these wipes have unbeatable moisture retention, from the first to the last wipe and clinically tested and proven to be free of any tendency to irritate the sensitive skin of a newborn baby, including those with nappy rash. They have been awarded Baby Product of the Year 2007 as voted by 10,000 independent consumers.

Click Here for FREE Baby Coupons and Product Samples
Marketing and Promotions

Pampers and other major disposable diaper manufacturers spend a great deal of money on advertising and marketing and it is therefore not uncommon to find promotions where you can receive a free sample pack of diapers and in some cases you could even win a years supply. This is a great way for consumers to try the various brands available and a terrific way for companies to prove to the consumer that their brands are the best value for money.

For More information on getting free diapers and baby products form the Major companies visit Pampers Free Diaper Samples and Money Saving Coupons Medical Infopedia and Free Diapers

Click Here for FREE Baby Coupons and Product Samples

Click Here for FREE Baby Coupons and Product Samples

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