Fire Safety Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

December 17th, 2013by admin

house on fireThe other night I saw L rolling around on the floor so I asked him if he was “stop, drop, and rolling” and he asked me what I was talking about. I had shamefully assumed that his school would pick up the slack in the fire safety education department. I know the fire department has visited his school because he proudly came home one day with a bag of goodies and a fireman’s hat but I guess it didn’t stick.

I don’t blame him. He is bombarded daily with messages; don’t take candy from people you don’t know, tie your shoes, where is your book bag, did you finish your homework…… Today I told L to brush his teeth three times, asked him to go to bed twice, and yet we didn’t once discuss fire safety.

I of course spring into action. We have fire alarms galore, a sprinkler system, a plan, and now I have a fire safety ladder on order. I’m pretty excited and may even try to talk my hubs into testing it out. In my research I was surprised to learn that according to the National Fire Protection Agency only 1/3 of Americans have developed and practiced a home fire escape plan. They go on to say that 3/4s of Americans do have an escape plan, they just haven’t practiced it. See I can be all judgy now because I have a plan and I practiced it so let’s all get on the same page. What can we do to protect our families?


  • Install Smoke Detectors inside of every single bedroom in your house
  • Install a Smoke Detector on every floor of your home including basements
  • Every 3 months practice fire safety plan and check alarm batteries
  • Do not smoke indoors
  • Equip upstairs bedrooms with a fire ladder
  • Keep children and pets out of the kitchen while cooking


  • Equip your kitchen with a fire extinguisher
  • Use flameless candles
  • If you have pets include them in your fire safety plan
  • Keep pet leashes near all exits and keep pet carriers handy
  • Install a screen around your fireplace


  • Install a fire sprinkler system
  • Install a monitoring system to monitor smoke detectors and heat levels in your home
  • Upgrade to an interconnected smoke alarm system
  • If you have a pet install video surveillance to keep an eye on them throughout the day

If you do this much you will be steps ahead of the game. Above all else do not be afraid to talk to your children about fire safety. Trust me they will be so excited to talk about it and they will feel empowered if they know what to do. You can easily make it a game and keep it fun as kids do learn best when having fun. For example is an excellent free resource for kiddos. My favorite tool is their scavenger hunt that turns your kids into safety inspectors as they search for fire hazards.

If you are interested in “going all out” feel free to visit me and read up on the latest home automation offers at

Stay Safe!


Author: This article was written by Rose. To learn more about fire safety you can contact her on her website or on Twitter.


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