Finding The Best Video Baby Monitor For Your Baby

March 11th, 2014by admin

baby sleepingSo you’ve just taken your sweet newborn baby home from the hospital and are now settling in back at home. You’ve unpacked all the bags and are introducing your baby into his or her new environment.

One key item many parents choose to help them listen in and look after their newborn baby is a video baby monitor. So where do you begin when trying to determine the best video baby monitor for your home?

Well here are some key features to look for in a video baby monitor:

Night Vision – Most solid baby monitors offer night vision allowing you to peek at your baby during the night on a portable LCD monitor even when the light levels in the room are low or completely dark. You may be surprised at the quality of viewing the LCD monitor will provide at night. This feature is very convenient as you won’t need to open your baby’s door during the night or turn a light on (which may disturb your baby’s sleep) unless absolutely necessary.

Digital Zoom – Sometimes when looking in on your baby from a video baby monitor you just want to get a bit of a closer look to see what your little cutie is up to. With digital zoom you can zoom the camera in and out to see what those little hands and toes are up to.

Take Photos – Can we ever get enough photos of our children? With this feature you can snap photos of your baby on the fly and many models will allow you to store the photos to an external MicroSD card or plug the monitor into your computer and download them.

Pan and Tilt – Similar to the digital zoom feature there many be times when you want to pan the camera over or tilt it up or down to get a better view of your baby, the pan and tilt ability on some of the new monitors can be very good.

Watch Multiple Rooms – What if you want to watch more than one child, setup cameras in more than one room, or even keep an eye on your little one and those other 4 legged little creatures. Many video monitors now allow for multiple cameras to be connected at once allowing you to have a split screen view of what’s happening in and around your home.

Finding the right video baby monitor for your environment can be challenging, luckily our friends from operate a high end baby monitor store where they research and test each monitor before being sold in the store, only choosing high quality monitor brands and models which are trustworthy. Check them out!



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