Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

June 14th, 2009by admin

Father's Day Crafts for Kids

Are you looking for Father’s Day crafts for kids? Dad deserves the best on his special day, and there’s nothing better than something custom-made by his own kids to put a smile on his face.

Of course, maybe you’ve got a stealthier motive to let the children dig in and play productively while you and other significant sneak off to have your own play time.  (This is a rated G article, so we’ll leave it at that!)

Whatever your motivation, let’s talk shop to see what’ll work for your kids—literally, if Dad is into building things.  No, rest easy.  Your kids don’t need to build him those new garage storage cabinets he’s been pining for, but even a small sawed-and-sanded memento with some painted artwork and a cute Father’s Day message on it would touch his heart.  After all, builder Dads often love to know their kin are natural builders too.  It’s like leaving their legacy while they’re still living–a very special feeling indeed.

Then again, perhaps the Dad you’ve got in mind is the polar opposite.  Maybe he’s Geek Dad, and you’ve got to go digital to download some of his love.  So how on earth would your kids build something like that?  Again, it doesn’t have to be a big deal or super-fancy.  It’s the creativity and thought that counts most when it comes to Father’s Day crafts for kids.

For example, you could take your kids on a jaunt to the local electronics store and pick up some wire, resistors, capacitors and other little electronic doodads.  Anything that looks cool and “digital” without blowing your budget will do the job.  Your little ones can then take that stuff and stick it onto some construction paper (or even a circuit board, if you can find one at the store) with some other art around it, making it look like a computer motherboard or some other circuit with the obligatory Father’s Day message to melt Dad into pure silicon jelly.

But if you’re looking for something a little more traditional on the other hand, don’t fret.  There is always plenty your kids can do with plain old paper, markers, glue, glitter and a little imagination to make it all mesh together into a sparkly wonder.  When you’ve got it all together, give them as big a working table as you can and some basic guidelines so they don’t make a mess.  But also give them the leeway and levity to create whatever they want and however much of it they want.  Kids are incredibly creative, so you’re almost sure to be surprised when you come back.

Got some ideas brewing now? Good!  Art of any sort is a wonderfully enriching experience for children of all ages, so take advantage of the opportunity to set your kids free to create.  Whatever your desire and whichever approach you take to fulfill it, it’s really hard to go wrong with Father’s Day crafts for kids.

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