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Family Halloween Costume Ideas with Baby

October 10th, 2010by admin

Family Halloween Costume Ideas with BabyIt is almost that time of the year when families and friends come together to celebrate the spooky holiday celebration of Halloween. If you have just recently had a baby, you may be wondering what kind of fun Halloween costumes to choose for your whole family – baby included! Although at first it may be difficult to think of potential family Halloween costumes, it is actually rather easy. There are plenty of families in popular culture that include a baby.

Here are 7 great ideas on family Halloween costume ideas so that your gorgeous baby will not be left out:

The Flintstones

Yabbadabbadoo! Go back in time with this cartoon family. Mom and Dad can dress up as Fred and Wilma Flintstone, while the baby can be cutely dressed up as Pebbles. If you and your partner have a son, then you can go as The Rubbles family, featuring Barney, Betty, and Bamm-Bamm.

Toy Story

With Toy Story 3 recently being a smash hit at the box office, your family can also become a smash hit at any Halloween party that your family will be attending. Mom can dress up as cowgirl Jessie, while Dad can dress up as Woody. Your children can dress up as one of the green aliens.

Snow White

Snow White has always been a fairy tale favorite around the world. It is also perfect for small or large families, as the costumes allow for greater flexibility. If Dad is not around for Halloween, then even the rest of the family will be able to pull this one off. Mom would be Snow White, Dad would be Prince Charming, and the kids can assign themselves as one of their favorite 7 Dwarfs.

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

This children’s fable is another story that provides some flexible costume ideas. If you are a family of 3, then you can all dress up as bears and be papa bear, mama bear, and baby bear. Alternatively, if you are a family of 4 and the elder sibling is a girl, then she can dress up as Goldilocks. If she does not have natural blond hair, then she can just put on a wig.


Make this classic children’s movie come alive, with parents dressing up as the wonderful duo of Aladdin and Jasmine. If you have two children, the elder sibling can dress up as Jasmine’s pet tiger, Rajah. The baby can dress up as Aladdin’s mischievous monkey, Abu. Grandpa can also join in the fun by dressing up as the Sultan.

Santa Claus

Although this may attract some jokes about appearing at the wrong time of the year or Christmas coming early, parents can play Mr. and Mrs. Claus, while the younger ones can either be Santa’s reindeer or his elves.

Peter Pan

Wish you could be young again? Depending on the family dynamics, parents can dress up as Peter Pan and Wendy. Girls can dress up as Tinkerbell, while boys can dress up as pirates or one of the Lost Boys. Alternatively, someone could also dress up as a crocodile.

These are just some ideas for family Halloween costumes with baby included. There are so many more, just think about all the family shows on TV (like the Adams family in our picture). So get started and get creative to make this Halloween all about the family…and of course feel free to share your favorite family Halloween costumes in the comments below. :-)


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