Free-Flowing Fun with Face Painting for Kids

June 28th, 2009by admin

Face Painting for Kids

Face painting for kids is all but a surefire winner in any kid’s book. You already know they love anything colorful and hands-on, and it’s almost too good to be true through a kid’s eyes when it’s messy too.  The good news is that face painting can be a non-toxic fun fest for all (invite their friends over for the festivities!) with very little preparation in advance.

All you really have to do is to buy the materials, which include the paint itself, sponges and brushes (if you don’t want to have your kids smearing paint all over themselves!), and any cleaning materials-all of which is easily available at a well-stocked arts and crafts store.  You

Just make sure to buy non-toxic paint specifically for application to the skin.  Stage makeup fits the bill here too, though it can be pricey.  Don’t blow your budget (you do have one, don’t you?) to throw your first party doing face painting for kids!  Figure out what goes over the best with your kids and then think about spending more the next time around.

Speaking of what kids like, they adore those little stencils available to paint on everything from simple shapes like hearts and balloons to more creatively complex drawings like unicorns and ponies for girls or warrior silhouettes and battle-engaged army rangers for boys.  You can get these too at the arts and crafts store when you’re shopping for the other face painting supplies.

But if stencils aren’t your style for some reason, then test out temporary tattoos.  They can be even faster to apply than stencils.  The only caveat is that some children’s skin may react adversely to them.

Whichever you choose, you can glam them up even more with a few sprinkles of colored glitter-especially since face paints themselves tend to act as a basic glue to hold it in place.

Remember: You don’t have to be an artist to make your designs look decent, although an eye for detail can go a long way in placing and arranging your creations as well as filling in the smaller details to make them stand out more.  Don’t get in over your head as a parent here.  It’s NOT a contest.  Kids often love the simplest of shapes and designs as long as the whole process itself is fun.  And if they’re having fun, you know you can too!

These are words to live by.  Make fun your mantra, and your adventures into face painting for kids can be an ever-exciting foray you and your children can enjoy over and over.

Click here for more information on face painting for kids.

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