Exercise Tips during Pregnancy

February 20th, 2015by admin

pregnant woman sittingPregnant women need exercise just as much as everyone else. However, it needs to be light exercises, which has a lower chance of affecting the growing baby. Pregnant women have a lot to gain by exercising during the course of their pregnancy, especially if they want to be energetic and vibrant after birth, perhaps to take their new bundle of joy to a baby model casting! Expectant mothers are usually affected by many mood swings due to hormonal imbalances. Research shows that women who find some time to do exercise are less affected by negative moods than those who do not.

Pregnant women are usually faced with the problem of lack of sleep due to discomfort in bed. However, with good exercise, they can enjoy a much more comfortable night’s sleep. Exercising also makes you use certain muscles in your body and reduces pain in other parts. The muscle sets used at this time are different to those you would normally use, due to the extra weight and change in your center of gravity. In this way, exercise makes the pregnancy more bearable and less achy.

One thing that many women don’t know is that excessive rest periods, such as when you are pregnant, can lead to a huge amount of glucose building up in your body. In some cases, this can lead to diabetes. Don’t be too concerned, exercise of any sort – think of exercise as any physical activity, be it light cleaning or a calm walk to the shops. Light exercise can remove this risk.

Pre-eclampsia affects some pregnant women. It is usually an issue after about 20 weeks but can happen after delivery. It is diagnosed by seeing an increase in blood pressure and protein in the urine. It affects organs such as the kidney, so it is of particular importance to watch out and attend your regular prenatal appointments. It can be controlled through regular exercising and light cardio exercises. Remember to always seek the advice of professionals before making any changes to your routine, or if you suspect that you may be suffering from any condition that could affect your child’s development or your own health. Walking and swimming will be fine in most instances, but you can never be too safe. To pass some time during your pregnancy, you can always start to prepare the new-born’s bedroom or maybe even look at baby model casting sessions in your local area for the future. Many new mothers use castings to meet people and show off their beautiful child.


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