Effective Pain Management Strategies for Natural Childbirth

June 9th, 2014by admin

Natural BirthHaving a baby is one of the most beautiful and wondrous miracles in any woman’s life and there are few events as sacred to any couple as having a child; for many women however, the experience can be clouded by anticipating the intense pain of labour.

In recent years, as women tend to be increasingly more educated and well-informed as far as pain medications and their potential effects on the baby, more and more mothers are searching for safe and effective ways to manage pain during the birth of their babies.

One of the best ways to deal with labour pain is through preparedness, and many women develop a pain management strategy prior to delivery in order to help manage the pain; we’ve put together a list of three ways to help women cope during labour to ensure a safer, less traumatic delivery.

Choose a Dependable Birth Partner

One of the most vital aspects of managing pain during birth is the presence of a strong, supportive birth partner; while for many people this is normally a spouse, in the event that there is none available or that he or she doesn’t feel they’re up to filling the labour-room support role, a close friend or relative will do very nicely.

Birth partners are great for helping with pain management by providing comforting words, massages and above all, encouragement; the pain of birth is intense and can be quite frightening, even if it’s not your first birth; having adequate support is a vital step in managing the process smoothly.

Take a Class on Natural Birth

Classes can be invaluable as far as teaching pain management strategies such as breathing techniques, discussing fears and anxieties about natural birth and setting your mind at ease about your decision to give birth naturally.

In many cases, classes are run by both experienced nurses and experienced mothers, and can therefore provide a wealth of advice as far as making the occasion as comfortable as natural childbirth can be.

The TENS Machine

The NeuroTrac Labour TENS Machine is a relatively new and highly advanced solution to labour pain which transmits tiny electrical pulses to various parts of the back through small wires attached to adhesive pads; the box is generally small and very portable and once the adhesive pads have been applied, the mother is fully able to control both the intensity and rhythm of the pulses.

The TENS Machine relies on your own natural body chemistry to ease and control pain by stimulating the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain reliever; this in turn helps to block the pain signals traveling from the womb and cervix to the brain and makes the pain of natural childbirth more bearable.

The TENS is a much-touted new way to ease pain without potentially harmful drug therapy, and statistics report it as having an impressive 80% efficacy rate; it’s safe and effective and can make an enormous difference in the way you experience the pain of natural childbirth. BabyTens offer TENS machine hire in the UK.

So if you, like many women, have opted to go with natural child birth in order to avoid the hazards and side-effects of drug therapy, there are several options for helping to overcome pain and make the birth as comfortable as possible; a great partner, some mental preparation and exercises and the help of a NeuroTrac Labour TENS Machine are all options that are well worth trying.


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