Eczema in Babies

March 22nd, 2010by admin

Baby Eczema became a major problem when my newborn daughter’s skin suddenly exploded into an itchy rash. What had started as a small red patch on her eye lid just a few days after birth rapidly spread to cover most of her body.

Yet over a period of two years, my daughter’s baby eczema subsided to the point where, even if you eyeballed her from close range, you’d never know she had baby eczema.

Looking back, the greatest lesson I learnt in dealing with her eczema was not to fight it but instead to learn how to live with it. That meant ensuring my daughter suffered as little discomfort as possible, which was an acceptable middle ground after I’d already searched long and hard for a ‘cure’ to stop the eczema in its tracks. I tested different types of food and drink, medicines and even homeopathic remedies, but the impact was always minor or frustratingly short-lived.

But maybe it was some combination of remedies I tested that sped up her healing. Who knows? But I do know that it now covers less than 5% of her body! Here are some of the things I’m sure worked…

The greatest help came from special eczema pajamas. These helped reduce my daughter’s scratching at night, allowing her body to heal. They ensure her hands and feet are covered, thereby reducing her ability to scratch. She can still rub her legs or her hands togther, but the damaging scratching possible from using her fingers is limited.

Another saving grace was a good moisturiser. I’ve been using one called DiproBase twice a day. The moisturizer minimizes the scratching from her skin drying up. And now that she’s old enough to apply the cream herself, it’s made coping that much easier.

Lastly, cutting out products that could inflame the eczema helped her eczema recovery greatly. I used bath products that were free of chemicals–especially Sodium Laureate Sulphate (SLS). I also used cotton clothing, which helped reduce her risk of getting too sweaty.

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