Easy Christmas Origami for Kids

December 13th, 2010by admin

Easy Christmas Origami for KidsCelebrate the holidays with some easy Christmas Origami for kids.  It is a great chance to have some fun and special time with your children.  Your kids are sure to enjoy the time creating Christmas decorations with their parents.  They love the hands on part of making Origami designs.  It also helps provide them with some mental exercise as they focus and concentrate on completing their crafts.  With a little help from Mom or Dad, there is hardly an age restriction since they are just folding paper.  Even teens and adults will love folding Origami because it is amazing what you can create with just a single piece of paper.  There is a reason Origami has been around for thousands of years,  it’s fun!

About 50 years ago a lady named Alice Gray, who worked as an insect historian at a museum, decided she would decorate the museum’s Christmas Tree.  She used Origami to do so and she decided her decoration theme would be of BUGS of course!  It was such a big hit, they asked her to do a much bigger tree for the main area of the museum.  She recruited fellow employees and their kids to help finish the task.

Ideas for easy Christmas Origami for kids

While you may not want to choose bugs as your Christmas theme, you certainly have a lot to choose from. You also want to think about how you are going to carry out your theme.  You and your kids could take the same easy Christmas Origami design and cover your entire tree and house if you would like.  Or you could introduce one or two more to make a pattern.  Another option would be to make a bunch of different designs to make it completely random and exciting.

With hundreds of designs for easy Christmas Origami for kids available, here are some ideas for your Christmas Origami ornaments. You could make candles, which are very easy to complete.  You can make bulbs for hanging on a tree. No more broken balls to deal with!  Kids love making Christmas Trees and Santa Clauses too. Do not forget Santa’s little helpers and make him some elves.  You can make a star or an angel for a Christmas Tree topper also.  How about putting Santa Clause’s cookies in a Origami paper stocking?

Anyone can go to a store and pick up a Christmas card.  But why not send out a Christmas card that people will want to keep and display for years to come.  This will show them how much you really care and that you put your time and thoughts into your Christmas card.  Christmas cards can be costly, where with Origami you just have paper to buy. You can even make unique designs for every person if you want to.

Make sure to get easy Christmas Origami for kids instructions with step by step pictures. If they are too basic, like instructions with only words and arrows are incredibly difficult to follow and can be almost impossible to complete without experience.

Take care of your Origami designs and they can be re-used every season.  Or save them in container or scrapbook and re-create them annually so you can spend that special time together during the holidays. They will be sure to get a kick out of seeing their old creations years down the road.

After you and your kids celebrate a Christmas making easy Christmas Origami for kids, you can be sure that other holidays will be decorated with paper design themes too.  Who knows, maybe you or your little one will find a new year round hobby!

Did you know that you can create some great Christmas Origami with dollar bills? Click here to learn how to make your own festive money origami this year

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