Coconut Oil for Mother and Baby

May 19th, 2014by admin

coconut oilWhen you’re having a baby you want to be prepared. So you stockpile thousands of nappies, buy Formula One pushchairs with enough accessories for a trip to Mars and gather at least fifty-two bits of advice that contradicts, maddens and questions your subscription to the human race.

Coconut oil offers an array of benefits; it’s the Swiss Army Knife of parenthood.

One Jar to Rule Them All
“A jar of coconut oil? Is that all I need?” Yes.

OK. Two jars. So, coconut oil is not a miracle cure and it won’t stop your home being invaded by well-wishers once the baby turns up BUT it does offer a host of benefits specifically for mum and baby, oh yes and dad, too.

3 Coconut Oil Benefits For Mothers

1. Boost Immune System
Two to three tablespoons of coconut oil per day will help boost your immune system because the oil is high in lauric acid, which is a powerful anti-microbial fatty acid.

2. Enhance Energy Levels
Extra virgin coconut oil is immediately used by the body for energy and it boosts metabolism, which in turn means a healthier body.

3. Stretch Marks and Itchy Skin
Rub coconut oil into your belly to help prevent stretch marks and soothe itchy skin. You can also add several tablespoons to your bathwater to moisturise your skin.

3 Benefits for Baby

1. Soothe Nappy Rashes
Coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties so is a natural way to treat nappy rash.

2. Cradle Cap
Gently massage into the affected area and allow the Vitamin E in coconut oil to moisturise and remove the dry flaky skin known as cradle cap.

3. Treat Eczema
Eczema is common in babies and coconut oil is the perfect treatment. It is light and easily absorbed, has antimicrobial properties ( because it’s predominantly made up of lauric acid) and being totally additive free makes it the perfect natural remedy.

5 More Benefits

  • Relieves sore nipples.
  • Aids digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Breast milk rich in lauric acid and capric acid.
  • Natural body moisturiser with no chemicals or additives.
  • Condition your hair

Coconut Oil – What to Buy

So, one jar of coconut oil is a valuable ally for the daily life of being a parent. Look out for the best quality and most natural coconut oil. The best oils are Virgin cold pressed, raw, organic and come in glass jars. Other signs of quality include kosher, vegan and vegetarian certification.

Learn more about the benefits and uses of coconut oil in this definitive guide from Lucy Bee.



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