Child Safety Tips

September 19th, 2009by admin

As parents, our primary job is to keep our children from harm. Every other aspect of parenting falls below safety in importance. If our kids aren’t protected and safe, no other parenting skill is of any use at all. So it is “Safety First” — always.

There are laws that have been written to insure that we keep our children in “approved” restraints while they are riding in a moving vehicle. There are even laws on the books that deem child abuse and neglect as criminal activities, and there are fines and penalties attached for those who do neglect and abuse their children — or even fail to keep their children from being abused.

But the fact is than the government cannot legislate good parenting. The government cannot pass laws that will guarantee that all parents everywhere keep their children safe from harm every minute of every day. It simply isn’t possible, and it isn’t even the job of government to ensure child safety. It’s the job of parents.

Child safety measures begin at birth, when parents are instructed by medical personnel about how to prevent their babies from getting choked. Child safety is an every-minute-of-the-day task for parents of infants and toddlers.

As our toddlers grow and become “big” kids, we instruct them about how to keep themselves safe. We say, “Look both ways before you cross the street.” We say, “Don’t talk to strangers.” We say many things and we repeat them over and over until we are sure that our kids are armed with enough information to keep them safe.

Child safety is a lifetime project for all of us. Fortunately, most of us love the task of keeping our children safe. We love our kids, and keeping them safe is the thing that is of the utmost importance to us.

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