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Child Development before Birth

March 19th, 2009by admin

A new, genetically unique human being is formed when the sperm penetrates the ovum. We call it conception. The sperm and the ovum each have 23 chromosomes. Each replicates, and the DNA strands align.

This brand new human being at conception is microscopic in size but possesses everything needed for life to continue in a proper environment and with proper nutrition. The embryo makes the trip from the fallopian tube to the uterus in about six days.

The baby’s heart begins to beat about three weeks after conception, and the brain begins to function at about six weeks after conception. All systems are fully formed and functional by eight weeks after conception. All that is left is for the baby to grow and the systems to mature.

According to recent studies, the baby begins to hear and respond to sound (particularly the mother’s voice) about 16 weeks after conception. This, amazingly, is about two months before the ears are completely formed; so it seems that there is more to hearing than scientists know at this time. The baby now begins to learn the language of the mother (the mother-tongue).

It’s important for the mother to talk to the unborn child, as well as to read to him, sing to him, and introduce him to music, beginning no later than at the end of the 16th week of pregnancy. It’s best to avoid loud music because sound reaches the womb almost totally undistorted. Loud music has been proven to produce strong kicks of protest from the fetus.

We know that long before birth, the baby in the womb is aware of his mother’s distress. After an earthquake in Italy, monitors revealed that the unborn babies remained in a hyperactive state for several hours after the quake ended.

Babies can hear in the womb. They are sensitive to the mother’s emotions. It is important that communication between the mother and the unborn child begin as early as possible.

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