Building Confidence In Kids

November 24th, 2014by admin

Building Confidence In KidsBuilding Confidence In KidsBuilding confidence in kids is not as hard as one may think. Psychology has proven that human beings of any age feel confident when they are knowledgeable and well equipped for challenges.

This is also referred to as the competent-confidence connection. The more competent we feel about ourselves the more confident we feel. Kids are not excluded from this phenomena. Even in the infancy stage when a baby makes that first attempt at crawling or walking and succeeds they gain confidence and continue to do it with ease.

It is important that children are armed with the tools that they need in order to feel capable. An easy simple start is to make them aware of the things around them and to communicate everything very clearly so there is always a teaching moment. If your child is about to slap the TV screen, instead of just saying “don’t touch that,” or “stop,” saying “please don’t touch the television screen,” provides more information to a curious child. You can continue with the lesson by being specific about why the television screen should not be touched.

This method of building knowledge and competence works wonders for children. Confidence begins at home and familiarizing your child with everything that is in their immediate surroundings is a great way to prepare them for what is to come.

Experiment with your child from an early age, even when you think they don’t understand you, still speak to them as if they do. Still teach everything you possibly can. Teach about objects, names, sounds, smells, letters, numbers, differences and you will be pleasantly surprised to realize that you have a little genius on your hands. What children can learn before the age of five is nothing short of miraculous. Take advantage of this time.

A great resource for parents with especially young children is

The website offers incredible learning tools for children, and points parents in the right direction to a whole host of other sites which are filled with helpful information about raising a happy and healthy child.

Seek out these resources and you will always have the support you need.



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