Halloween Costumes in a Box!

October 25th, 2011by admin

Halloween Costumes in a Box!Struggling to come up with the perfect Halloween costume for your child? Not ready to lay down $30 dollars for something they’ll wear once and probably never look at again? I just might have your answer and you might just find the perfect solution comes in a box. Yep, a box! Find yourself a large box from an appliance store (should be free) and pick one of these easy costumes that will rock your kids’ socks off!


Paint your box white, cut appropriate arm/head/leg holes. Cut open the front panel so that it swings open like a door. Inside the box, insert a second panel that will be between the body and the “door.” You can staple it on top and sides. Attach empty food items to this second panel, like boxes of butter, empty milk cartons and containers of yogurt. It might look like “just a box” from the outside, but swing the door open to dazzle!


All you need is a box and six margarine containers for this one! Spray paint both the containers and box the color of your lego of choice, glue the margarine containers onto the box , cut holes into the sides for arms, and voila!

Jack in the Box!

Take a box, add arm and leg holes, and cut the top panel on three sides so that it opens and swings back. Turn your child into a “jester” complete with make up and hat. Some wacky tights and “elf-like” shoes will be the final touches perfect for a Jack in the Box. A nametag “Jack” will be the icing on the cake.

Kleenex Box

This one is so easy and so cute! Make the box “wearable” with head, arm and leg holes. Then you can paint the box any way you like, writing “Kleenex” or “Tissues” somewhere. Then take white tissue paper and glue on near the top of the hole for the head. You can glue some tissue paper on a ball cap too for wearing and extra flair. Adorable!


A box painted in wild colors just needs 4 painted pie tins on the sides to transform itself into a car! You can get as detailed as you want in the paint and the details or as basic and simple in “box-car” style as you like! You can even turn it into a Mario Kart car for your young children.

+ 1 Bonus!

Okay, so this one doesn’t involve a box, but it’s along the same train of thought and equally as amazing. Track down an extra large basket, cut the bottom out and attach two shoulder straps so that it can be worn. Then all you need is one extra large balloon or a whole bunch of regular size balloons. The more colorful, the better Tie strings to each of the four corners of the basket, bring them up about 4 feet and attach to the balloon(s). You’ll have an instant “Hot Air Balloon Basket!”


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