Best Toy Storage Solutions

January 18th, 2012by admin

Best Toy Storage SolutionsKids can never have enough toys but parents are likely to run out of ideas of how to store these toys. Without proper storage for toys, kids can get very messy. To keep things tidy and organized, you need to provide them with storage solutions and also teach them how to put away their toys after playing with them. It’s vital that your kids learn the importance of keeping things organized early in their lives. Make this a fun activity as opposed to a chore. Here are some ideas to reduce the clutter.


Totes are great for storing all sorts of toys. Another advantage of totes is that they are extremely cheap. Totes are available in a variety of colors so they don’t look out of place in a child’s room.
They also come in different sizes and usually have lids. Place it anywhere you want; in the kid’s room, the living room, or the basement; a tote will fit anywhere.

Storage Cabinets:

Many types of storage cabinets are available for toy storage. The best type of toy storage cabinet comes with bins. The bins are made of soft material and are easily removable which makes them great for kids. Kids can easily remove the bin of their choice and put it back easily without having to call an adult for help. Another advantage of these cabinets is that they are of low height which is great from a safety point of view.

Toy Nets:

Children typically have a horde of stuffed animals. Kids may not play very often with stuffed toys but they do feel great attachment to them. Toy nets are great to store soft toys such as stuffed animals. Just hang the net in a corner of your child’s room. It serves the dual purpose of looking attractive and being functional.

Toy Racks:

Building toy racks early on in kids’ rooms can save you from a great amount of cleaning. It is an effective and practical way for storing toys. You can also place bins or baskets on the racks to store toys more effectively.

Toy chest:

Previously, toy chests were thought to be the best solution to keep toys. But the problem with toy chests is that kids just dump everything into the chest which is counter productive when you are actually trying to help your kid be tidy and organized. There are also some safety issues such as a child may hurt his fingers while closing the lid or the chest may topple over if the child is small. It’s a good place for storing old toys though. If you are considering buying a toy chest, make sure it has a soft lid and is well balanced.

This article was written by Mike Neil. Mike has been working in the toys industry for the last 5 years. Mike specializes in Lego toys.



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