Best Convertible Car Seat Buying Guide

January 14th, 2014by admin

Kids in car seatsThere are a lot of car seats in the industry today and it is definitely difficulty to single out the best one. That is why; it is imperative that parents should evaluate every product that they encounter so that they may be able to compare the pros and cons. It is also great for parents, like you, to read as many reviews as you can so that you can determine which is best that suits your child,s needs. Moreover, the customers, reviews can help you a lot of getting to know the product more.

Since it is expected that the car seats in the industry today have met all the necessary minimum safety standards requirements, it is still great to encounter something that has exceeded far beyond of what is expected of a car seat. With this, here is the best convertible car seat buying guide that you can follow.

Safety Features

Car seats are not expected to last forever as they too, have an expiration date as well. Perhaps the longest rated seat available in the market today would last for 10 years. However, it is advised that seats should be used to a maximum of 6 years because the safety standard requirements change every time. Besides, when the seat has been inside the car for too long, its plastic components would no longer be durable unlike when they were new as they weaken as time passes by. That is why; it is recommended to replace the seat to ensure that your child is always protected.

Among the safety features that you should always consider is the side impact protection, energy absorbing foam, LATCH system and the 5-point harness.

The side impact protection guarantees proper alignment of the head, neck and spine. This helps in protecting the most critical parts of the nervous system because if any of these parts gets an injury, it can be very fatal that could cause paralysis or even death.

Energy absorbing foam– this feature helps in absorbing as much force as possible during the crash and distributes to all parts of the body to avoid grave injuries. This is also great because it gives comfort to your child even during regularly bumpy rides.

Five-point harness– the body of your child is well-protected because it is evenly supported with the five-point harness. This guarantees proper restraining which is very critical knowing that accidents can happen anytime. When your child is properly harnessed, you can be sure that his body is prevented have having extra movements, particularly the head area.

LATCH system– securing the connection between the convertible car seat and the car is very vital in the whole process of using this protective travel gear. This is because if the installation is not done properly, you can expect that you child will only suffer from more injuries and could even die.

Always remember to check all of these aforementioned ideas and see what the convertible car seat you are eyeing on can offer you and your child. Always remember to never compromise your child,s safety.

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