Baby Sign Language’s Super Powers!

September 6th, 2011by admin

Stopping tantrums, bridging gaps and building relationships

Baby Sign Language’s Super Powers!Every mommy is a super mommy to someone, and daddy wears a hero badge from the moment of baby’s birth. So what super powers do parents pack in their diaper bags these days? From pacifiers to band-aids, burp cloths to blankie’s there are always those tools parents can’t be without.

Sign language for babies is such a tool and with great free resources online, there is no need to make room next to the sippy cup in the diaper bag to fit a reference guide.

Signing for babies is only one means of expression. But when their speech is still months in the future and the need to communicate is here, BSL is a much preferred means of expression when compared to the tears, screams and other attention-grabbing alternatives. It is tempting to label a tantrum as an unreasonable reaction, but can you think of many situations more frustrating than having a need, want or opinion and lacking the ability to communicate it? And then how much more frustrating to have someone guess incorrectly and offer up something you don’t need or want.

Sign language bridges the gap between baby’s development of opinions and development of speech. Without delaying verbalization, it encourages babies to start building their vocabulary and exploring communication with their parents and caregivers much earlier and much, much more constructively.

In relationships, we have all heard that “communication is key” and the same is true between parent and baby. Teaching your baby to sign is a fun and bonding experience. How wonderful to know what baby is thinking! And while it may start with signing a request for milk, before long baby will be asking you to play, to read a book or even to stop and smell the flowers.

Super babies everywhere are surprising parents with their early expression and understanding of language, improved fine motor skills and reduced fussiness. And super parents everywhere are toning down the terrible twos!

Go to to download baby sign language flash cards and hundreds of other free resources.



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