Fun Baby Birthday Party Games

September 10th, 2009by admin

Baby Birthday Party

There are many fun baby birthday party games you can choose to have at such a party. Games are often a part of such celebrations, and these games are going to help ensure that even the young children there can take part in them. You want to have all of the items you need for the games readily available.

Make sure there are only a few rules and that they are easy for young children to follow. You want to offer games that move along quickly too or the children can lose interest in them. If you have smaller sized chairs, musical chairs is a great game to include.

Hand out blank sheets of paper and crayons. Have the guests spend one minute drawing your baby. The fun continues as you pass these pages to the person beside them, and each person draws again for one minute. Continue doing this for five rounds and you will end up with some amazing pictures of your child. The guests will have fun doing this and at the same time you will end up with something great to keep afterwards.

One game I introduced for toddler birthday parties has been a great hit. I hide stuffed animals around the house. Each child goes around with an adult to find them. You can tell them they are on a safari hunt and even give them mini flashlights to use while they are looking around. This is also a game that allows the younger children to burn off some energy. If the birthday party is outdoors, you can do the same thing in your backyard.

Pin the tail on the donkey is a classic among baby birthday party games. There are many versions of it now so you can even get one that follows the theme of your party. Many of them for the younger children even stick like Velcro to the board which makes it very easy to put them on and take them off again.

Celebrating your child’s first birthday is something you will never forget. Plan what you will have taking place at the event well in advance. Keep things simple too so that your child won’t be overwhelmed. Keep the party to a two hour maximum and make sure your child gets a good nap before it starts. Your guests are going to have a great time with the various baby birthday party games that you offer.

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