Audio books, and five reasons why parents should love them

July 5th, 2012by admin

What’s the quickest way to achieve the following results, in this quick pop exam:

Learning with audio books is fun!Help children’s reading ability to improve?

Increase their total vocabulary?

Irmprove their focus and ability to quietly sit through something?

Keep them entertained?

Solution – listen to audio books!

Parents, you have your answer. Having kids listen to books on tape produce all these outcomes.

A little-known fact about child development is that the intellectual ability has far higher potential than their capacity to read? What this means is that they can understand information that is told them out loud at a rate that they would not be able to comprehend from reading the same. Highly intriguing, isn’t it?

I enjoy giving my kids books on tape to listen to, and the children love them. They’re excellent relief for a homeschooling mom who reads a lot of material to their kids, as the audio books give me a chance to rest my voice.

While you’re performing an errand, an audio book can be running. Instead of reciting a book to read your kids to sleep, you can have them listen to a story via a book on tape. (If you have highly energetic children who exhaust you before they become bushed, audio books become a way to avoid burnout and help them to drift off to sleep after you read them a bedtime story!)

Child’s ability to listen is enhanced from the discipline of listening to books on tape, which contributes in a critical way to their later academic development.

Such books also help your child become accustomed to hearing what books sounds like when written or spoken with a certain energy or style – they may also get used to understanding the authors’ intent, as many of them are read by the original writer or understanding actor.

The visual nature of the story is also born alive to a child’s imagination by hearing the story, instead of relying on images (while a TV show, by comparison, trains the mind to be lazy and rely on graphics or pictures).

A child can be put on a quick road to a more successful reading history by pushing the play button, so why not get started now? Some favorite books kids might enjoy are:

Charlotte’s Web (written and read by EB White)

The Jamie Lee Curtis collection (I tell you, it will be tough to not cry trying to read through “tell me about the night I was born”)

A New Coat for Anna

The Maurice Sendak collection

The B.F.G. by Roald Dahl

Listening to these works together will be fun!

Please feel free to share your favorite audio books below in the comment section.

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