Are you the woman whose toddler always looks so cute in those gorgeous little clothes?

October 17th, 2014by admin

happy baby girl is going on tripWhen I was young, secondhand sales were musty and gloomy with only clutter, stigma and embarrassment. They were a place where I obscured my face as my nana traipsed me in, seriously anxious that none of my mates would catch me.

I did in fact, once comfortably inside, love rummaging around for second hand stuff, or browsing for cute skirts in their second hand children’s clothing section – just so long as it stayed on the QT.

Today, I am pleased to report, it’s utterly different. Nearly new shopping is cool, fun and an adventure – with things like second hand sales and preloved websites, second hand shopping is proving to be popular. Today, folks are generally now proud to say yep it’s a Period Classic, or I picked it up in this Fun little nearly new sale for a complete bargain – I only had to pay five quid!

The upcycling culture is booming – it has kept going after the recession, and we all still love getting down to some home made biscuits and diy. For new parents, funky, colorful secondhand baby clothes are a crucial part of their children’s kit.


Those bad old days are behind us and nearly new is all the rage

Now, it’s the smart mummies that are getting on board. The second hand baby goods scene has grown exponentially, and I’m not surprised. The pleasure of getting high quality children’s toys for a huge discount on the full cost is just common sense for most mothers and fathers.

Sarah, a mother of two girls says “I time and again drive along to my local nearly new sale London, as I can find some awesome knick knacks for both my kids and it comes to lots less than it would new. I enjoy immensely the nearly new baby sale down the road from our part of town”.

Most mothers just hate to spend far too much on their children’s gear.


Sales can become a unique neighborhood women’s community!

There is a great deal of guidance bombarding us, ranging from mad old aunts, to online forums offering advice whilst overwhelming new mums with sales pitches for things they don’t need.

The preloved sale is its own local community, where women who are already mums can offer their knowledge to mums to be, and at some point they will be the ones selling baby clothes of their own. It’s great to have the opportunity to go to an event full of women who have already been in your shoes.

You may have thought about using a second hand kids clothes sale. So next time you’re in London, do come and check out second hand baby stuff and meet nice people. Be told in advance though – the more you come to, the more moreish nearly new sales become!


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This post was written by Natalie Taylor. She is owner at Poppy & Pickles Nearly New Family Sale. Poppy & Pickles is definitely one to watch, meaning you get a great nearly new baby sale at Find out more:

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