A Novel Idea For Children’s Parties

March 26th, 2012by admin

Children’s PartiesThere are many different themes that you can run with for a child’s birthday party. Some children may wish to have a football party, some fancy dress, and others may simply want to have a fun-filled day of games. However, if you’re wanting to stray from the norm, then creating personalised t-shirts is a fun and unique party activity. Letting the party guests create their own t-shirts is a fun way of letting children express themselves whilst also giving them memories and something to cherish from the party.

After consideration of existing plans and, of course, your budget for the party, you should be able to explore and decide between a number of options for your personalised t-shirts.

Printed T-Shirts

Probably the best option for those wishing to take the children out on a day trip are easily recognisable t-shirts which allow you to keep a watchful eye on the group to make sure they avoid getting into trouble. However as you may expect, with convenience comes cost and printed t-shirts are one of the more expensive options on the market.

The chances are that you will be planning to hand these t-shirts out to the group as they arrive at the party, so it may be a wise idea to create a space where they can leave the t-shirts, so that nothing goes missing. This is particularly handy if the children are very young, and it may even be worth labelling the clothes with sticky notes, just to save any mix-ups when it gets to the end of the day.

Fabric Markers

A cheaper (and much more fun) option is to create the personalised t-shirts at home. Plain t-shirts are cheaply available in multipacks at most clothing stores. The fabric markers may require a bit more shopping around, however you probably won’t go too wrong if you look around most craft stores. If you can’t find any, then permanent markers are a cheaper option, but still get the job done.

If you want to give the t-shirts to the guests as they arrive, then a good bit of parent-child bonding can be done by setting up a production line a few days prior to the party, as you and your children help make the t-shirts. Conversely, a more fun option would be to allow the guests to create their own garments as part of the party. There is a good chance that many children will not have created a t-shirt before, and this way you will make sure that their first experience of doing it is a memorable one. The easiest way to do this is to set up a table with plenty of colourful, varied marker pens at the children’s disposal, and allow their imaginations to run wild.

Fabric Paints

In-keeping with the theme of allowing the children to create their own t-shirts, fabric paints are a better option than markers as they allow much more colour to be used for the t-shirts. The beauty of paint is the fact that you can use stencils, which means that all the children can create well-designed t-shirts, no matter how creative they are.

Also, there are many benefits to performing this activity outside, weather-permitting of course. On a nice day, this can be the perfect excuse to get the kids out in the sun and allow them to get some fresh air. From a parent’s point of view too, there will be much less chance of damage to your property if they do their painting outside. With this in mind, if you are going to do it inside then it may be wise to cover the floor and other furnishings with protective materials, or at the very least some old newspaper.

Another way to avoid paint getting all over the house would be to have some soap and water ready when the children have finished their activity, as a legion of children with painted hands is something that no one wants walking through their home! Also, cost-permitting, it may be worth providing the guests with aprons or old t-shirts whilst they are painting, to avoid damage to their clothing. Similarly, it’s definitely a good idea to mention any sort of messy activity to the parents of the children, just so they don’t wear their best clothes for the party.

Creating t-shirts at a party is a fun and unique idea that not many children will have taken part in before. If all goes well, the memories and souvenirs should outweigh the hard work and planning that goes into the party.

This article was written by Jack Oldham. Jack is a journalism graduate blogging on behalf of Banana Moon Clothing, specialists in printed t-shirts, school leavers hoodies and other items of personalised clothing.

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