A children’s holiday to… The Maldives?

July 22nd, 2014by admin

Family in SubmarineAre you looking for an exotic getaway to escape to and rediscover the wonder of nature? Of course you are, but are you also a full-time parent and so committed to finding a holiday destination that will both accommodate and entertain your children. Well look no further, stop forward the exotic temptations of the Maldives.

Fewer places on earth can give you the delight you will derive by visiting the archipelago of the Maldives. Since it is made up of over a thousand atolls and islands, the best way to get there would be a cruise trip or yacht.

A tour to the Maldives is perfect for families and for those seeking an adventure. Parents and families will be spoilt for choice by the range of activities that they can take part in. They include riding in the whale submarine, surfing, snorkelling or taking a walk along the beach. The adventure of exploring the Maldives will rejuvenate anyone who loves nature and it will revive the raw thrill of being a part of such a beautiful world.

Some of the intriguing and interesting facts that may not be known to everyone about the Maldives include:

  • The residents of the Maldives are spread out among roughly 200 islands, thus it is difficult to implement an education program that is unified; yet it boasts of a 98% literacy rate among the adult population.
  • The Maldives were originally predominantly Buddhists, but were converted in the 12th Century to Islam. The Maldives is thus strictly a Muslim nation.
  • The Maldives are said to have been established by a prince who was exiled by his father – King of Kalinga from India. The king was displeased by his son and consequently sent him to the Maldives, where he established a kingdom.
  • The president and the government officials have held cabinet meetings underwater in a bid to raise awareness on the climate change threat that faces the chain of islands.

There are so many other things to discover about the Maldives that it would only be fair to take a trip there and experience it for yourself. Family friendly and sure to bring a smile to your childs face, the Maldives delivers on all counts.

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