5 Things to expect when your child enters middle school

August 21st, 2014by admin

school busWhen your child makes the move from elementary to middle school, the changes can be quite difficult to get used to. There are lots of little nuances that make the process much more difficult for some children – and parents –to cope with. There are so many new considerations that you need to take into account when trying to plan for middle school for your child – but here are some of the most obvious things that you are likely to be involved in;

Teen Angst

Hating school? Hating you? This is common in children entering and during middle school. As they want to try and escape from being a coddled “child” and become “adults” it can become quite the battle to get your child to agree with you on the most basic things.

It can turn quite nasty at times, but remind yourself that these battles and tantrums are coming from your child’s body changing while they go through some big social adjustments as well – it can be taxing on your child, too.

PTA Meetings

The PTA is massive in some counties and if you live somewhere that has an active PTA, you will more than often not have to attend these events. While they can be a little awkward if you are new to the area or the board, it’s important to know what’s coming up for your child’s school and any community developments that need to be brought to the attention of people at the event. It can be a testing time, but it has to be done!


Usually middle school will be the time when your child gets asked to participate in a fundraising program. It may be a group fundraiser for the band or a club where they get asked to do a simple chocolate bar fundraiser between other students. Or it may be a school wide fundraiser raising money for books or supplies and they may be asked to do a gift wrap or flower bulb fundraiser where they would sell to family & friends. Your child can learn a lot about dealing with money, talking to people in new situations and achieving goals with other classmates. It’s your job to support & help your child through this process.


This might be the first time in your child’s life that you haven’t been able to be there waiting for them at the school gates. While some children will be glad for the independence, others can find this adjustment quite tough.

Therefore, you need to be sure that any after-care you choose is exactly what your child is going to fit into – you don’t want them not enjoying after-care when they are supposed to be finished “suffering” for the day!


As your child gets to middle school, the standard of work raises quite rapidly. Therefore, you need to come up with a good way of ensuring that homework gets done before grades start getting affected. Working with your child to make sure they are handling their course work and aren’t struggling in any capacity should be a big priority, as if your child can get through middle school still open to school work and further learning they are on the right track.


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