5 Questions That Anyone Potty Training a Toddler Should Ask

August 7th, 2012by admin

Potty training can be funIf you think that the time to potty train your toddler has arrived, then there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before embarking on the challenging transition from diaper to the potty. Try making it as easy for your child as you can and ask yourself:


1. Is My Child Ready For The Change?

It is important to start potty training at the right time. Usually children themselves start exhibiting signs like, taking more interest when they see you going to the potty, tugging at their diapers and letting you know right away when they feel the wetness or even showing discomfort in them. You can always give potty training a try, and if it doesn’t work out you can try again a few weeks later.


2. Am I Ready To Help My Child Make The Change?

It is as important for you to be mentally prepared for the transition as much as for the child, you have to prepare yourselves for the tears, the resentment and occasional accidents. You need to be patient and calm and be totally supportive of your child, be understanding towards his qualms and help him through the transition.


3. Do We Need To Use A Potty Chair First?

Using a regular toilet can be quiet intimidating for your child, considering the fact that the seat is quiet large which he has to hold onto and the disappearance of thing when flushed can be a scary sight for the child. Hence some kids find it more comfortable to use the potty chair first, the added benefit for the insert to be fit into the regular toilet seat once your child is ready also helps in avoiding the cleanup later.


4. Do We Need To Use A Potty Doll?

Though the potty doll is not a necessity while potty training your child, however it does come in handy to warm up your kid to the idea of transition. The doll can pee like a normal child and comes fully equipped with its own diapers, panties and a potty chair. Letting your child play with it, is the best way to illustrate what is supposed to happen during potty training. Once your kid is ready for potty training you can put the doll right next to your child, and let her act as a support.


5. Should We Start Using Potty Training Rewards?

Using encouraging gifts as rewards for successful potty training is something you need to decide upon before embarking on the transitional journey, you can use small rewards like, sticker, candies, M&M’s, or could even try to track his progress for a bigger reward like getting him a small toy if he completes a week of potty training without any accidents. If this is not the method you want to choose you could opt for being is personal cheer leader, all you need to keep in mind is that it does not matter what ,methods you employ as long as your child gets the message that you are proud of him and his efforts.

Hence before you embark on the journey of potty training your kid, you should try to go over these questions with your spouse in order to establish a common ground. Also this will help you to have a clear vision set with your child and explain it to him too; another added benefit of this is the avoiding of any confusion that may arise along the way.


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