5 Earliest Warning Signs that Your Child Has a Cold

October 20th, 2014by admin

sick childThe common cold is not fun for anyone. It is especially not fun to watch your energetic little loved one fall victim to this common nuisance. One day they will be lively, playing with their toys and acting like their fun-loving self. The next day they will be bedridden with a stuffy nose. If you believe that your child has contracted a common cold, there are measures that you can take to make them more comfortable during their illness. Treating your child from the beginning will help them feel better. Below we discuss the earliest warning signs that your child is has a cold.

The tips in this article are especially relevant because we are so close to winter. Cold weather poses a threat to children and although you may take extra steps to ensure their health and safety, your child still has a much higher risk of illness during the winter season. The fact that they spend much more time indoors and around sick classmates can significantly raise their risk of getting ill.

It is always wise to bring your sick child to the doctor. This article discussed signs associated with less serious illnesses like the common cold and mild fevers. However, these signs could be linked to something more serious. It never hurts to make sure.

Your child is pulling on his or her ears. When your child has a cold, their ear may become irritated or itchy due to fluid changes. It could also be an early sign of an ear infection. If you notice them pulling on their ear much more than usual, it could be cause for concern.

Your child is having more difficulty waking up in the morning. If your child seems to be excessively tired, it could mean that they didn’t sleep well. However, extreme fatigue is also a warning sign of an oncoming illness.

There are dark circles underneath your child’s eyes. Dark circles located under your child’s eyes are one of the major signs that they are having issues with allergies and they might be feeling a cold or fever coming on shortly.

Your child is lacking energy. This is an obvious sign as colds and fevers tend to make us feel less energetic. However, your child might have an extreme lack of energy one day. If they grow increasingly tired, there might be a cold coming on.

Your child has a sore or irritated throat. If your child is complaining that he or she has an itchy or sore throat in the morning, this may be an indication that it will develop into something worse during the day. An itchy throat is often the very first sign of a cold or fever.

If your child displays any of the five earliest warning signs that they are getting sick from a cold or a fever, you may want to prepare for the worst. A high temperature can be extremely uncomfortable for a child. If you can detect a cold, flu or fever early, you can provide your child with the necessary nutrition to help ease the symptoms before they get worse.



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