4 Tips to Help Your Nanny Discipline Your Kids

February 10th, 2014by admin

Nanny with BabyHow should a nanny discipline your child? This is one of the most sensitive issues that parents encounter every time they have a nanny taking care of their child. The difficulty lies in the difference between the standards of the parents’ and the nanny’s disciplinary style. There is no doubt that a nanny has a different background than  the parents and setting a disciplinary tone around the house may be very challenging.

How much disciplinary action can a nanny do? Is it okay for your nanny to spank your kid? Does the nanny have the right to give your kid a time-out or ground your child? These are some tough questions to answer. However, I will share with you some tips that you should remember when talking to your nanny about this sensitive issue.

Set the Rules

Remember that your house is a workplace for your nanny and you are the boss. You should be in control when it comes to setting the rules.

Before ever hiring a nanny, you need to sit down with your partner together with the potential nanny. You need to set the rules about discipline and the guidelines of what you expect from your nanny. Include this in your contract so that in the future, if there will be a problem, you can refer to your contract to remind your nanny about the set rules and guidelines. Make sure that your nanny agreed to your rules and if not, then you should look for another nanny to consider.

Be consistent

It is very important that your nanny knows who is in authority. You need not to tolerate any compromise. Once you set the rules, it means it should be followed and adhered to. If you say that your child should only watch TV until 8pm, then your nanny should stick to that rule. If she fails over and over again and let your child go overboard, then you need to address the issue and determine the right course of action.

Listen to your nanny

Yes, you are the boss, but that doesn’t mean that you will never listen to your nanny. Remember that your nanny is a professional who knows how to handle kids and other concerns pertaining to parenting. Listen to your nanny and see if she has valuable suggestions. When your kids see that you are listening to your nanny, this will make them respect your nanny even more.

Be partner with your nanny

It is very important that you make your kids realize that you and your nanny are allies when it comes to discipline. This should not be about power struggle, but you need to work together. Your kids will not listen to their nanny if you yourself don’t give your nanny some level of authority. At the end of the day, discuss with your nanny some of the concerns that she had encountered. Also, let her give you a report about your kid’s activity for the day.


It is true that we all have differences. But all these can be set aside by being firm with the set rules. Your kids and nanny will respect the set standard. Communication plays a vital role to be successful in rearing your child together with your nanny.


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