The 1st Birthday Party Is A Cinch

February 23rd, 2012by admin

1st Birthday PartyI’ve been reading a lot lately from different party planners and parents that they’re planning on organizing huge birthday bashes for their soon-to-be 1 year-olds. Some of these plans have included sending invitations to the entire daycare, decorating the entire house with mini-mobiles hung from the ceiling and undertaking huge craft projects to celebrate their baby on their special day.

To me that seems a bit ridiculous. There will be plenty of birthday opportunities to rent ponies and hire clowns and magicians. The first birthday party is a celebration between immediate family and a few close friends.

I talked to my own sister about her plans for her soon to be 1-year-old’s first big day. She echoed my sentiments. Below are her ideas for throwing a low-key, stress-free 1st birthday party.

Short and Sweet

Don’t plan on the party lasting longer than an hour or two at the max. Anything longer, and your party will devolve into crying and screaming.

Guest List

Don’t invite too many people. Keep it to immediate family and one or two friends. There doesn’t need to be a huge guest list for these events. Do not invite the entire day care.

Nap Time

Plan the party around your baby’s sleep schedule. Late morning or late afternoon on a weekend will give some of the adults an opportunity to be there and enjoy your baby right after he or she has woken up from nap time.


Obviously you’ll want to let the guests play with the baby. That will be a good source of entertainment but you might also want to include a craft for the adults. My sister is planning on having us each write a birthday note to her son on construction paper. Then he will be able to open one card every birthday for a few years to come.


Keep the food simple. Most babies are on solids by this point so you can serve banana slices, cheerios and cup cakes for little finger foods.

The 1st birthday shouldn’t be a huge production. It is mostly meant as a time for the family to come together and celebrate the birth of their newest family member. As long as the birthday boy or birthday girl is surrounded by the people who love them it will be a great party.


This article was written by Lisa M. Lisa is a guest blogger who write about how to throw the perfect Mario birthday party and other themed parties.

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