10 Ways to Get Your Kids to Exercise

July 22nd, 2011by admin

10 Ways to Get Your Kids to ExerciseIt’s never easy with kids – they do have the tendency to run around while they’re little and have just started walking, but they find it extremely useless to get out of their computer chair and exercise, instead of playing on their Nintendo. As a parent, you need to know the drill and encourage your child to exercise as much as he can every day; there are ways to do it, and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Step 1: Challenge your child. One great idea you should put into practice is to constantly make up games for him to play, or competitions to be a part of. Ask him how high can he jump, or how long does it take him to run between two predetermined marks. Use a chronometer and see the joy on his face while he’s running, trying to beat his own records all over again.

Step 2: Exercise with him. You child has grown very attached to you, so for him to be running around, exercising with his mom and dad is definitely a true joy.

Step 3: Go to the park every day. Many parents enjoy getting extra quality time with their children anyway, so the park can be the best of both worlds. Walk around, play ball, anything to see your child exercising.

Step 4: Go hiking a lot. Kids love to go on adventures, so make up a story at least on the weekends and go hiking to save a princess that’s trapped in a castle, meet up with his favorite squirrels in the forest and have tea with them or save some endangered fish. Find clues inside the forest or along the way and have your kids run around to hide from the fearful cyclone.

Step 5: Sign him up for swimming classes or buy a metal frame pool and let him use it every day. Kids love water and they love to play in it, so have him call over his friends and encourage them to have a pool party of their own. They’re going to start to jump, splash the water around, run, play with their water pistols or their colorful volleyballs. In other words, they’ll do a lot of exercise, and this can literally last for hours.

Step 6: Buy him a bike or a scooter. Children love these things, so make sure you reward him for his good behavior or wait for his birthday and take him by surprise. He won’t ever leave the bike or scooter rest.

Step 7: Go camping. Children adore going camping, and it can be a great way for him to exercise at the break of dawn, surrounded by “wild animals” and breathing fresh air – he’ll feel just like Mowgli.

Step 8: Buy a nice DVD featuring workout for kids. Or put on the music he loves and show him a few exercises yourself, he’s going to love to come up with his new choreography for a new video.

Step 9: Register for a run event. Find something like a “father-daughter” or a “mother-son” competition and make the most out of this bonding experience.

Step 10: Teach him how to plant flowers or trim trees. Your son or daughter is going to appreciate these activities and they’re going to exercise without even knowing it.

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