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tiny love classic mobile

When you find a mobile that offers more than just enough movement to keep your baby occupied, then you’re on to something, and the Tiny Love Classic Mobile is just that.

With its classical music selection, your baby will be stimulated and engaged, and the fuzzy and furry farm animals will delight them as they spin in a unique 4-way movement. Psychiatrists and child development experts all say that mobiles help with the development of your baby as it learns to watch and recognize the movements of the animals above him or her.

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This bright and exciting mobile attaches easily to almost any crib, and is angled so you’re your baby has the best view of all the characters as they spin to the music. Play the music of Bach, Mozart or Beethoven, and lull your baby to sleep every night, and during naptime too. When your child grows too old for the mobile, the music box detaches and can still be used for the music alone to help your baby get to sleep.

Watch the video below to see this mobile in action

Technical Specs

  • 22 x 16 x 27 inches
  • 2 pounds
  • 4 way movement

You’ll Love Tiny Love Classic Mobile IF…

  • You want a mobile that plays classical music
  • You want a mobile with a detachable music box

Now let’s consider some of the pros and cons of Tiny Love Classic Mobile


  • Removable music box
  • Angled to baby’s line of vision
  • Beads slide with each motion of mobile
  • Adorable barnyard animals
  • Encourages cognitive development


  • For babies up to 5 months
  • Only 3 songs

In Their Own Words: Actual Users’ Reviews of Tiny Love Classic Mobile

BEST mobile ever!!! – by D. A. Hussain

It has everything you need: 4 way movement with black & white spirals perfect for newborns, Calming night light and 20m of continuous play classical music. Converts to cribside music box. Love it!!!!”

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Baby loves it – by Yuri “Judy Bug” (NC)

It was a good buy, it has beautiful colors. But the music is kind of sad, it’s classical by Bach & Beethoven. I wish it had a few more different songs, it only has 3 songs. Overall, it was a good buy, my baby loves it.”

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There are few things more relaxing than watching your baby drift off to sleep to the sound of a lullaby and by providing a mobile in your baby’s crib, you will get to enjoy this sight every day and every night. All infants love a mobile over their crib as they fall asleep, and yours will certainly love this enriching musical feast as it slowly turns to the sound of classical music. The Tiny Love Classic Mobile is a favorite among parents and babies alike with its classical music selection, farm animals, moving beads, adjustable height, and removable music box that you can use long after your baby has outgrown the mobile.

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