Philips Avent Basic Baby Monitor w/ DECT Technology

With its zero interference guarantee, you can be sure that you’re going to love the clarity and security of the Philips Avent Basic Baby Monitor w/ DECT Technology.

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Being able to listen to your baby when you can’t be beside him is important. The product creators at Philips took this basic idea and designed this monitor to meet a parent’s need to have a clear connection with her baby at all times, from anywhere in the house.

Don’t let the name fool you…

There isn’t much that’s “basic” about this monitor. Gone are the days of pops and crackles with its DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) technology. Because it’s digital and has over 100 channels, you are going to be listening to your baby’s soft, sleepy sighs instead of feedback from interfering electronics around your house.

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions: 8.7” x 3.7” 6.1”
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Powered by: Rechargeable Batteries (included) and A/C adapter

You’ll Love the Philips Avent Basic Baby Monitor w/ DECT Technology IF…

  • You’ve had enough of the crackling noises that keep you from hearing your baby
  • You want a secure monitor that won’t be sensitive to your everyday electronics

Now let’s consider some of the pros and cons of the Philips Avent Basic Baby Monitor w/ DECT Technology


  • Having over 100 digital channels offers crystal-clear sound and keeps people around the neighborhood from picking up your monitor’s signal
  • The monitor will scan for a new channel at the slightest hint of interference
  • Rechargeable battery holds charge for 24 hours on parent unit
  • LED lights indicate fluctuations of sounds coming from your baby’s nursery
  • You can adjust the microphone sensitivity so well that you can even hear your baby’s sweet breaths
  • Has a range up to 330 meters
  • Comes with a belt clip for easy movement your house
  • With the push of a button, you can talk back through the parent unit to soothe your baby


  • Some parents feel that the lights on the parent unit are a touch too bright, but you can clearly see the sound level indicating lights from across the room
  • If you turn off the parent unit, it doesn’t remember your previous settings, so you’ll have to make any personal modifications to the basic setting when you turn it back on

In Their Own Words: Actual Users’ Reviews of the Philips Avent Basic Baby Monitor w/ DECT Technology

Great 2 way monitor– by A. Ryan (San Francisco, CA)

“This is a great monitor. We had to move our bedroom far from the kids’ room and I was worried about being able to hear them, with this monitor I can hear the kids crystal clear (no static) and I can talk to my kids from the parent base. I am 100% satisfied.”

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Great, but be careful while you are packing for international travel – by Burak (New York)

“We’ve been using this monitor for over four months now and we are really satisfied from our purchase. The connection is perfect with no static and the reception is very good even if you have very thick walls. Onle little improvement area: The AC adapters. They work only on 110V, making it impossible to use this product in Europe, unless you buy an extra AC adapter from the country you are travelling.”

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Finding everything you want in one monitor can be hard to do. Philips has taken all of the basic needs of a monitor and amped them up so you’ll never have to worry about what’s going on in your little one’s nursery again. With its static-free sound and two-way capabilities, the Philips Avent Basic Baby Monitor w/ DECT Technology will exceed your needs and keep you feeling secure when your baby is resting in another room.

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