The Original TummyTub Baby Bath – Makes Baby Bathing Easy for Mom and Baby

The Original TummyTub Baby Bath


If you are looking for a baby bath tub that is fun and colorful, then this is not the one, but The Original TummyTub Baby Bath makes bathing your baby easy, safe, and actually helps with the digestive health of your baby. This tub doesn’t look like much when you see it-–just a clear, plastic tub-–but its design is perfect for bathing your baby, and makes the bath time process so much easier and safer for everyone.

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Because this baby bath is smaller than other baths on the market, and the baby sits upright, hospitals around the world use this tub to ease indigestion and gas in infants, and make it easy for anyone to bathe even the most squirmy baby.

What’s more, it has an anti-skid base so it won’t slide around, and its low center of gravity means that it won’t tip over, even when Baby stands up, so it extremely safe for even the newest parents or nurses to use. You can use it on the floor, in a bathtub, in a sink, or wherever you want to bathe your baby, because water will not splash out, and you can nestle in close to keep your baby comfortable.

Watch the video below to see the TummyTub in action

Technical Specs

  • 15 x 15 x 13 inches
  • 2 pounds
  • For children up to 35 pounds

You’ll Love The Original TummyTub Baby Bath IF…

  • You want a safe, anti-skid bath for your baby
  • You need an affordable, easy-to-use bath

Now let’s consider some of the pros and cons of The Original TummyTub Baby Bath


  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable for Baby
  • Anti-skid base and low center of gravity for safety
  • Eases indigestion and gas in babies
  • Used around the world



  • A little tipsy when put on a stand
  • Not made in the USA (though few products are these days)

In Their Own Words: Actual Users’ Reviews of The Original TummyTub Baby Bath

Chubby loves his tubby – by K. Wynder (Utah)

“My son happens to have acid reflux and lots of gas. Sometimes he can get very fussy and uncomfortable. The Tummy Tub seemed to instantly sooth and relax my baby when I placed him in it. He really enjoyed all the water and while sometimes liking the fetal position, he also really liked trying to stand in the tub, which I guess is quite common.”

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My favorite baby item – by Renee Hudnall (AK)

I was given a tummy tub as a gift, and since have ordered it for two other people. My son was not thrilled about taking a bath when he had to be on his back in a regular baby bath, since we starting using the tummy tub bath time is a wonderful time for both of us. The water stays warmer longer, and it is much easier to get him in and out of. I also have one of the stools and it is so nice to be able to sit and give him a bath instead of bending over into the tub. I recommend this item for anyone baby. It also helps my little one sleep better at night. The tummy tub has become the one baby item I would not give up. I love it.”

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There are many baby baths on the market, but this is perhaps one of the more unique models. It doesn’t look like most other tubs and that is actually what makes it so incredibly special-–your baby sits up when bathing, making it not only more comfortable but also healthier for your baby’s digestion.  And it’s made from heavy-duty clear plastic to last for years to come.  The Original TummyTub Baby Bath is great for bathing your baby in a safe, secure, and happy environment.

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