Links and Resources

On this page you can find a list of selected resources that we think might be helpful for our readers. These websites contain useful tips and tricks about many different every-day issues. Enjoy.


As a parent you can never have enough god parenting resources. Here are a few websites we believe will be very helpful to every parent or parent to be. No matter if you have a newborn, toddler or teenager, there is a lot of information out there than can help you to make parenting more enjoyable.


Erb’s Palsy National Library of Information
Nationwide organization dedicated to preventing Erb’s Palsy. A historical perspective including current treatment information. A must visit for parents expecting children.


Travelling with Children – The Ultimate Guide
As a parent or guardian, it’s up to you to ensure your child not only has an enjoyable experience, but is safe and secure at all times. This guide covers everything you’ll need to know for planning to travel with children.


Justin Craig Education
Top GCSE revision tips for students and parents


Keeping your House Safe for Children
Child proofing consists of much more than inserting plug protectors, installing baby gates and picking up small objects.


The Student’s Guide to Finding Accommodation
If you are in the process of searching for student accommodation and are encountering problems, this guide will help.


Water Safety for Children
You can never take any chances when it comes to your children. Drowning is a very real threat that deserves far more attention than it receives.