Fisher-Price Precious Planet Jumperoo

If you have a baby that loves to bounce the Fisher-Price Precious Planet Jumperoo will be your new best friend. You can give your tired arms a rest while your little peanut happily (and safely) bobs up and down in this charming jumper.

As much as we’d like to entertain our babies all of the time, it just isn’t possible. Dinners need to be cooked, carpets need to be vacuumed, and even the most super of moms eventually needs to sit and take a breather.

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When your baby’s energy seems boundless, he needs a safe place to play off some of that steam. The Jumperoo is a great option, because he’s not just sitting in a swing or lying in a chair. He can bounce up and down from a fully-supported standing position, which strengthens his legs and will keep him happily playing for hours.

If he needs a rest, he can stop jumping and play with an adorable assortment of cuddly, wild beasties that are hanging above him or are attached to the play area that surrounds him.

Take a look at this video for a look at the bouncy fun

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions: 7.5” x 22.4” x 24.2”
  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • Batteries: 3 “AA”
  • Weight capacity: 25 pounds
  • Maximum Height: 32”

You’ll Love the Fisher-Price Precious Planet Jumperoo IF…

  • You would like a safe place for your baby to get exercise while having a good time
  • You like to use products that are made by a company that has been parent-trusted for decades
  • You’d like some time to sip your coffee and read a chapter of the latest best-seller while your baby plays contently

Now let’s consider some of the pros and cons of the Fisher-Price Precious Planet Jumperoo…


  • The Jumperoo is stationary, so he can get plenty of exercise without rolling around the house and bumping into your furniture
  • The variety of toys and textures promote motor-skill development
  • The play seat is suspended by fabric-covered springs that are attached to the freestanding arch
  • The soft seat rotates 360 degrees so your little one can turn comfortably and play with a variety of attached toys
  • The cloth seat can be easily removed and is machine-washable.
  • The height of the unit is adjustable for your baby’s comfort as his little legs get longer.
  • There are lights, music and sounds that are activated when your baby bounces.


  • The hanging toys are a little too high for really small babies to reach
  • The seat is designed to be snug for your baby’s safety so getting him in and out takes a little extra time in comparison to similar products that don’t bounce

In Their Own Words: Actual Users’ Reviews of the Fisher-Price Precious Planet Jumperoo

wonderful!!!!! – by mallam

“this jumperoo is great!! I was a bit reluctant to buy it at first because it had no reviews. However now that I purchased it I cant be happier!!
My baby just loves it. He’s 5 months old and at first didnt realize that he could jump. once he figured it out, he doesn’t stop jumping!! The springs are great, the music and animal sounds are great, and the look of the whole thing is adorable. I put this together myself in a matter of minutes and if I want to take it apart it would be just as easy. It’s also very sturdy. I would definately reccomend this for anyone looking to buy a jumperoo.”

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Good Buy:) – by Jannie Tann

“My baby of 10 months love to jump on our lap since she is only 4 months’ old. We had considered buying her the jumperoo when we 1st spotted it at a shop until we spotted this new design online. It looks better than the older 1, but performs equally well. My baby refused to be trapped & didn’t want to sit inside, though she enjoy playing with the toys attached. It was after a few attempts that she finally sits in & start hopping by herself & had enjoyed it ever since. Good item as not only it brings fun & laughter to the kid, it is a good gym item to help them develop.”

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It can be frustrating for babies who are ready for more physical play, but haven’t learned to crawl or walk. They have a ton of energy, and no way to release it without extended 1-on-1 playtime with you. Unfortunately, life is still happening around you and there are inevitably times when you have other responsibilities that need your attention. The Fisher-Price Precious Planet Jumperoo is an alternative play option that you’ll both absolutely adore.

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