Evenflo Big Kid DLX Booster Seat

evenflo dlx booster seat

If your favorite little person is ready to ditch his car seat, the Evenflo Big Kid DLX Booster Seat is a comfortable seat that will carry him through until he’s old enough to sit without any added support.

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Child safety laws require that even after your baby isn’t a baby anymore, he will still need to sit in a booster seat for quite some time. A booster seat keeps your child sitting at a height that makes protective features, such as seatbelts, effective and safe to use.

Your kid’s going to love the Big Kid DLX, because not only is it padded with extra-comfy cushioning, but it has built-in activity lights for night travel.

You’ll be relieved to know that your child is sitting comfortably, securely until he’s grown out of the booster stage altogether.

Take a look at this video tour of the Big Kid DLX Booster Seat

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions: 19.5” x 17” x 28”
  • Weight: 9.5 pounds
  • Safe for children between 30 and 100 pounds

You’ll Love the Evenflo Big Kid DLX Booster Seat IF…

  • Your baby’s ready to graduate to a booster
  • You’re tired of hearing a cranky monkey complaining that he’s not comfortable in his seat
  • You want to save money by buying a high-backed booster that converts into a seat only unit

Now let’s consider some of the pros and cons of the Evenflo Big Kid DLX Booster Seat


  • Has been thoroughly side impact tested and meets all applicable federal safety standards
  • Body height can be fully adjusted with one hand
  • Cup holders are built into both sides with extra space for toys or snacks
  • Super-plush “Comfort Touch” padding makes seat extra cozy
  • Seat has 6-position depth and height adjustments
  • Padding can be easily removed and is machine-washable
  • Headrest is deep with additional cushion for comfort while your child naps
  • Armrests pivot to make seating and seatbelt fastening easier
  • Two built-in activity lights allow your child to play or read during night travel without disturbing you or distracting other drivers


  • If the car seat is sitting by a door, it can be hard to use since one of the doors can get in the way of that side’s cup holder
  • While parents are totally gaga over the built-in activity lights, they do require three “AAA” batteries for each light

In Their Own Words: Actual Users’ Reviews of the Evenflo Big Kid DLX Booster Seat

Let there be LIGHTS! – by Erin “iansmummy”(Bellingham, WA)

“…After careful consideration and comparison (including reading reviews) we found the two seats to be very similar in safety, options and appearance.
HOWEVER, once the safety factor had been settled, it was the TWO ACTIVITY LIGHTS that come built in to the Evenflo Big Kid Deluxe that sold us. And our son LOVES THEM!
We travel a lot in the car, and we’re often driving after dark. All my son could do before was sit and listen to music or watch a DVD. NOW he can play with toys and read his favorite books to his heart’s content…”

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Big Kid DLX Car Seat – by Gigi (Seattle, WA)

“This is an excellant booster for toddlers 40lbs.+ It’s easy to install and use and is easy for kids to get into themselves. The height adjustment is a nice additional feature. I recommend it!”

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There are a lot of high-back and seat-only boosters out there, but few that do both. Evenflo took the basic convertible booster seat and added some awesome activity lights and super-cushiony padding to make this combo rise above the rest in a big way. If you give your cute little critic a chance to test out the Evenflo Big Kid DLX Booster Seat, you’ll quickly see why parents and children love it so much.

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