Diaper Genie II Elite Pail System

Playtex took a parent’s needs to heart when designing the Diaper Genie II Elite Pail System. From its taller, back-saving height to its hands-free foot pedal feature, it is the ultimate in convenience and sanitary diaper disposal.

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The previous incarnations of Playtex’s diaper pail systems, Diaper Genie and Diaper Genie II were comparable to other pails of their times, but had particular design flaws that begged for improvement.

The original Diaper Genie had a twist-disposal method that could be difficult to use, especially when you were simultaneously trying to stash a stink-bomb and cling to a squirming baby. Genie II eliminated the twist technique at parents’ request, but you still had to open the lid by hand and push the dirty diaper down past the sealing clamp. While odors were successfully contained there was no denying the serious potential for diaper gravy on your hand. (Both models were also shorter in stature, which required uncomfortable bending during use.)

Watch the video below to see the Diaper Genie in action

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The new Elite model has overcome these shortcomings by making disposal as easy as stepping on the pedal and dropping in the soiled diaper. The liner is then sealed away when you release the pedal…convenience and efficiency in one footstep.

What’s more, designers didn’t just stop at correcting a few inconveniences either. Take a look at the other “We heard ya!” improvements that the Elite has to offer…

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions: 23” High X 12” Wide
  • Height with lid open: Approximately 36”
  • Weight: 32 pounds

You’ll Love the Diaper Genie II Elite Pail System IF…

  • You’re looking for a system that quickly eliminates diaper odors for a fresh-smelling environment
  • You want a diaper disposal system that is as easy to use as it is functional
  • You need a diaper pail that is designed with top-notch hygienic features that will reduce the need for repeat sterilization

Now let’s consider some of the pros and cons of the Diaper Genie II Elite Pail System


  • Unique Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Protection is built into the plastic to control odor-causing bacteria
  • Foot pedal and added height make drop-in disposal easy
  • Double-Lock feature and 5-layer refills seal in unpleasant aromas and keeps your baby’s room smelling fresh
  • Hygienic design keeps dirty diaper from touching anything but the disposal film
  • Capacity holds enough dirty diapers that it reduces the number of times you have to empty the pail, but keeps from getting so heavy that disposal is cumbersome (over 30 small diapers)
  • Foot pedal allows you to throw the diaper away without touching the unit with diaper-dirty hands, preventing germs from spreading
  • Child-proof internal cutter simplifies emptying the pail and keeps little hands safe


  • While the Elite reigns supreme in the odor-eliminating, safety and ease-of-use departments, its outside appearance is somewhat plain
  • The Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Protection in the plastic and hands-free technology render the price-tag a touch higher than its predecessors

In Their Own Words: Actual Users’ Reviews of the Diaper Genie II Elite Pail System

Better than the regular Diaper Genie 2– by Anand Shah (Philadelphia, PA)

“This product took into consideration the few criticisms of the diaper genie 2 and improved on it. It has a little pedal you step on to open the top lid, you put your diaper in and release. Truly one handed operation, minimal smell because of the way the internal clasp seals the bag when you step on the pedal, and you never touch the inside bag…It now has a handle on the front so you can carry it with one hand, and emptying is similar to genie 2. If your a fan of the diaper genie…you’ll like this product.”

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So much easier than the original – by Merban (New York, NY)

“We had the original Diaper Genie for years until the lid finally broke. I decided to replace it with the Genie II elite. Great decision! It is so much easier to be able to step on the pedal and toss the diaper in with one hand whereas before I had to struggle to open the lid and twist – it always took both hands which wasn’t easy while dealing with my wriggling son. Plus the elite is much higher so you don’t have to bend over to use it which is really nice. We haven’t noticed any odor issues so all in all – i would highly recommend this product.”

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Every nursery needs a reliable diaper containment unit that will not only hygienically hold dirty diapers, but keep the air baby-fresh and clean. Playtex clearly took the time to consider all of a parent’s diaper disposal needs when creating their latest and by-far greatest diaper pail.

So if you are looking for a diaper disposal system that leads the competition in innovation, sanitation and odor elimination, the Diaper Genie II Elite Pail System is definitely the product for you.

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